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RUSH: We have a pregnant man out there, folks. I remember… (interruption) No, no. I’m not kidding. Back in the early nineties when transgenderism… I mean, nobody talked about. It wasn’t a big deal because gay rights was front and center, and there was always back then the argument about gay rights that somehow got mixed into the discussion and the debate on abortion. It doesn’t matter why and what was said.

But I remember at the time that one of my rejoinders to this was that, in the pursuit of fairness and equality, the left is not gonna be happy until somebody invents a male womb. Well, as always, we start cracking jokes about these people, and here it’s taken 20 years to manifest, but here it is. “Transgender man four months pregnant with his second child after he came off hormone treatment to preserve his fertility.” We have a picture of the guy, and I’m telling you, the guy…

I was gonna say, “The guy doesn’t look like a woman.” I guess that’s the point. Or is it? The bump. A clear baby bump here. “Kaci Sullivan, 29, from Wisconsin had his first child while living as a woman. But he said that “living as a woman was soul crushing so he decided to transition. So in 2013 he began taking male hormones and underwent a double mastectomy.” He did not have “gender reassignment surgery.” Do you people Rio Linda know what that is? Do you know what…? It’s like the addadictomy.

If you’re gonna have transgender from female to male, you have to have actual addadictomy procedure, surgery. You know, these terms get bandied about and I want to make sure everybody in the audience understands what we’re talking about here, “gender reassignment surgery.” Read the other way around, that would be the chopadickoffamy, if… These are medical terms that, at times, may escape the understanding of some. I just wanted to be clear about this.

“He did not have gender reassignment surgery in order to preserve his fertility.” This is published as though it’s an everyday, just common appearance here. Nothing to see here! It’s the U.K. Daily Mail. A guy’s pregnant, a “transgender man,” four months pregnant, second child. Oh, it’s a beautiful thing here, just a wonderful moment in everybody’s life. “Kaci Sullivan now pregnant with his second child, with his boyfriend, and he lives as a man.”

So we have a man who’s pregnant in Wisconsin, 29 years old, second child on the way. (interruption) Well, let’s not get into bathrooms here. There’s nothing in the story about bathrooms. We have to have some limits. You know, it’s risky enough here getting into the definitions of gender reassignment surgery. You start getting into bathroom stuff here, you know, I’m gonna fall back on Lenny Bruce: You don’t go there. At least not here on this program.

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