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RUSH: Greg in Staatsburg, New York, and welcome, sir, great to have you with us.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. It’s an honor.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I’d like to talk about how the country was scammed by the Deep State and the Democrats in Congress and the media working together.

RUSH: Okay, have at it. I like it.

CALLER: Okay. I think it’s an easy case to make that the Deep State leaks fake news in order create hysteria to ensure investigations not justified with facts would take place. And the Democrats and the media did their part. The leaks started with the Deep State first leaking actual intelligence, like Flynn’s name and his contact with the Russians. But they soon realized if they kept doing that there was gonna be blowback. Also I doubt there was anything real left to leak, so they started leaking fake intelligence.

And it’s a perfect crime. You can’t get charged with leaking intelligence if it’s not intelligence. You can do all the damage with none of the risk. And the media was all too happy to run with it, and the Democrats in Congress hyped it. Even when the media’s anonymous sources were proven to have given them misinformation, the media still kept running with their anonymous leaks.

This wasn’t about journalism; this was a plan, and the media was willing to destroy any journalistic credibility they had for their goal of creating hysteria. This wasn’t the normal one party criticizing another. I believe this was a plan. Comey admitted he wanted to trigger an investigation, and his leak happened right at the peak of the hysteria.

So the plan was to create enough spoke, as they kept saying, so that all the liberals and even some of the conservatives would need to call for further investigations. And even though it was fake smoke, it worked. The majority of quote, unquote, intelligence leaked by the unnamed sources has been shown to be lies, but there were no repercussions or even scaling back of the investigations.

Investigations which never would have been started based on the actual evidence are now ongoing. They knew they couldn’t clear the bar with evidence, so they created hype to reach their goal, and now we’re stuck with a special counsel that’s free to look into anything they want to.

RUSH: With no end in sight and no limits to the areas he can explore. It’s exactly right. Do you know what, I’ve encountered this two or three times and each time I do, it seems to be more and more truthful, and that is the thing that got this all going, the one Deep-State item or leak or what have you, that is the foundation for all of this, the reason, the excuse is that fake Trump dossier, the golden showers fake Trump dossier.

You can find Brennan, CIA for Obama, claiming it formed the basis for his investigation. It keeps popping up everywhere now as one of the primary starting points or reasons for all of this to take place, and everything fell out from it, or from that. Now, that was phony. It was made up. There wasn’t a shred, there wasn’t a syllable, there wasn’t a vowel or consonant in that document that was true. But it formed the basis for the investigation.

Trump couldn’t win in this. The more Trump reacted to it and thought it was ridiculous, the more they would say, “He’s acting like he’s got something to hide here. He wouldn’t be this upset about it if there wasn’t something there.” You’re right about journalism being abandoned. But I think that happened before this investigation began, so-called investigation, but that’s not to take away from your point. They have joined the Deep State and have become quasi-investigators themselves.

But everybody here has been trafficking in things that didn’t happen, trafficking in things that have no evidentiary foundation, trafficking in nameless, anonymous allegations unsourced to anything other than this dossier. This dossier, which may have even been requested. Somebody in the intelligence community may have asked that this thing be written, not for the purposes it’s being used, but rather as an example — it’s a flimsy excuse that they’ve offered. “Yeah, well, we had to show Trump the kind of things that are possible.”

I think this dossier was manufactured specifically so that it could be entered into the arena as news. The way it happens, they have the dossier. In the dossier, many things are alleged, including that Trump in Moscow hired prostitutes while he was staying in the same room that Barack and Michelle stayed in once when they were there, in a Four Seasons. Trump hired prostitutes to come in and urinate on the bed, the golden showers.

So they present this to Trump, and they do it under the guise — it’s happening at a time where Trump is saying he doesn’t want to meet with intel people every day, he’s a smart guy with a good memory, he doesn’t need to meet with them every day. Well, they don’t like that, they want to meet with him every day ’cause they want to matter and they want to have influence. So this dossier was put together by somebody from MI6, name is Steele, Christopher Steele, and the very act of showing it to Trump validated as a news item.

And that was its sole purpose. Its sole purpose was to have the intel community show it to Trump and then report that Trump had seen it, and there you have the news story. And from there, what does it say? And what are the chances it’s true? And then the rest, all of it falls by the wayside except for the fact that it’s there and forms the basis for all of the other so-called leaks and the other details and so forth that have come forward. And now we’ve got a special counsel for absolutely no reason whatsoever other than the political objectives the people behind the special counsel hope to achieve.

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