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RUSH: Ben & Jerry’s built their brand on ice cream and activism. Even though they’re a corporation, they’re the darlings of the left. Or, at least they used to be.

A couple of years ago Ben & Jerry’s signed on with the “Milk with Dignity” program. It was started by Migrant Justice, a lefty group in Vermont. Vermont happens to be where Ben & Jerry’s gets 80 percent of the milk for their ice cream.

And for the last two years the Milk with Dignity people have been negotiating with Ben & Jerry’s for: higher wages, better working conditions, and better housing for farm workers. They haven’t come to an agreement. And now there’s been an eruption.

This past Saturday, scores of dairy farm workers and activists marched on Ben & Jerry’s. Farm workers complained they’ve been negotiating in good faith, but Ben & Jerry’s is giving them the runaround.

A company spokesman says getting a good deal is “complex” because it’s gotta work for farmers, farm owners and the ice cream business.

Ben & Jerry. Do you expect the poor farmhands that you exploit to believe it’s “complex” to improve their wages, working conditions, and housing? You’re making ice-cream for crying out loud, and billions, on the backs of migrant workers while they have to march on rocky roads to find justice. What delicious irony, and the left is still going to keep buying this stuff. It’s not going to bother them at all, you watch.

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