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RUSH: Have you seen the Gallup poll? “Hillary Clinton Unique With No Post-Election Image Gain.” Hillary Clinton is one of the first presidential candidates whose image has continued to worsen after the election. Gallup says that Hillary is unique in the fact that she has no post-election image improvement.

“Americans are no more likely to view Hillary Clinton favorably than they were before last year’s presidential election. Forty-one percent have a favorable view; 57% had a negative review.” Fifty-seven percent after the election! And I’ll guarantee you, folks, she’s running around, Hillary, other Democrats are running around, and they think she’s still the star. You can see when she shows up at a personal appearance, there’s almost a cult-like devotion among those that do show up, you know, the two or 300 that show up.

Seven months after her failed bid for dictator, she remains as unpopular now as she was before she ran for dictator. Typically, losing candidates’ favorable ratings improve because political independents and supporters of the opposing political party grow to view the candidate more positively after the election because their attitudes about them soften. They’re not running anymore, so there’s no reason to be energetically opposed.

But with Hillary, the opposition and the negatives are growing. Her current ratings among Republicans are 11%. Among independents, 33%, just as low now, as last November, before she lost to Trump. Democrats, 79% favorable. But still, only 79%. Their presidential candidate. Only 79%.

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