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RUSH: The Democrats are starting to turn on each other. Just a trickle. A couple of Democrats are openly beginning to suggest that this focus on whatever did not happen between Trump and Russia is sidetracking the Democrat Party from its great, great mission of sustainability, equality, and transparency. And there’s especially a big duke-out coming between Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz and Jeh Johnson.


RUSH: Hillary Clinton, she couldn’t attract flies to any of her rallies. By the way, I have additional thoughts on this whole Russia thing vis-a-vis Hillary and Comey and all this. Something jumped out at me yesterday, and I’m kind of embarrassed that it’s taken this long to jump out at me. I mentioned moments ago that there’s beginning to be liberal-on-liberal violence, at least verbal violence to date, and the big knock-down-drag-out is between Debbie Schultz and Jeh Johnson, the Obama administration director of Homeland Security.

He testified yesterday — you know, he’s about the tenth guy — this is interesting too. Jeh Johnson’s about the tenth guy, including Comey two different times, including Susan Rice. Jeh Johnson went up there and said, “No, no, I have seen not a shred of evidence that the Russians had anything to do with our election in terms of votes. They weren’t involved in the casting or counting of votes, there’s no evidence, haven’t seen it.”

As I say, it’s the tenth person at least to say this, but because Jeh Johnson said it yesterday it’s like somebody on the left heard it for the first time. I’m not kidding. The reaction Jeh Johnson’s getting from Democrats and others in the Drive-By Media is as though nobody said this before, as though Jeh Johnson dropped a bombshell yesterday, but he didn’t.

It’s been common knowledge, and it’s been stated countless times by Admiral Rogers at the NSA. We’ve had CIA directors. We’ve had Comey. Any number of people have said that the Russians could not and did not hack, tamper, or involve themselves in the voting and therefore there was no tampering with the election. But because Jeh Johnson said it, some people are acting like they’ve just now heard it for the first time. I mean people on the left.

But Jeh Johnson also… Remember that question he had from Trey Gowdy yesterday. Trey Gowdy couldn’t understand. He is a Republican from South Carolina. He said, “I don’t understand. You say that your servers and the network at the Democrat National Committee were hacked, and yet the Democrats wouldn’t let the FBI in there to examine forensically the network or the computers. Why is that? I mean, if you’ve had a crime take place, why wouldn’t you want investigative authorities as good as the FBI in there to try to find out who did it?”

And he said, “I’m not gonna argue with you about it, Congressman,” clearly agreeing with Gowdy. Well, this didn’t sit well with Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz. Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz is accusing Jeh Johnson of lying about this. I kid you not. Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz said, “We weren’t hacked. Nobody got in. We didn’t tell the FBI they couldn’t look at our servers!”

This is great, folks, ’cause everybody knows the Democrat servers got hacked. But here is Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz now denying that and denying that they didn’t let the FBI in to look at the servers.


RUSH: I kept the Washington Post story, given the House Republicans, Senate Republican moving forward now on their repealing of Obamacare. Washington Post story from back on June 18th: “Single-Payer Health Care Would Have an Astonishingly High Price Tag.” The Washington Post editorial board recently figured out that single payer would be really, really expensive. They hadn’t thought of that before; it just hit them. So the Senate Republicans have revealed their health care bill.

The media and the rest of the Democrat Party have been whining about how the Republicans are being so secret here. The past two weeks, the news narrative has been, “What are these dastardly Republicans cooking up now? What are the evil Republicans conceiving now? There’s no transparency. They won’t let us see the bill. We don’t know what’s in it!” (chuckles) Of course we all just laughed, ’cause it was Nancy Pelosi…

Oh, Democrats are turning on Pelosi too. A congressman from Ohio, I believe. This guy was on CNN. I saw this today. You should have seen the face drop of the infobabe. This guy said, “Yes, I must admit, in many parts of this country Nancy Pelosi is more toxic than Donald Trump.” I said, “Whoa!” and I looked at the infobabe’s face. She was just crushed. Her mouth fell open, and I was laughing myself silly here. Because I’ll tell you, folks, it’s just…

It’s a trickle now. It’s just a tiny few bubbles that are effervescing up, but key Democrats are starting to sober up on this whole idea of never stopping the investigations of Trump for anything that they can think of. Several of them are getting very, very worried, and the election defeat by Pajama Boy on Tuesday in Georgia 6? That has really discombobulated ’em. I mean, they’re trying to act like in the aftermath, “No big deal. In fact, it sets us up great, to sweep the House in 2018! This is exactly the kind of thing we need.

“We need close races like this,” six point, four points, “where we lose, and that sets us up.” I’m so happy not to be on a team that thinks losing is winning. But they are. You know what they’re telling themselves? And this is starting to spread all over the place. They are saying, “How could we lose this? How in the world could we lose this?” Not because of the money. You know why? The money’s a factor, obviously. You know why they think they were gonna cruise to victory? Because this district is said to be “among the highest educated in Georgia.”

This district is in the northern Atlanta suburbs and region. The Democrats have this idea that the more educated the individual, the greater the likelihood that person votes Democrat and will be liberal. Now, some of that is arrogance, the belief that they are brilliant. But they don’t have educated people. They may have people with college degrees, but they’re not educated. I think that’s a pretty safe statement to make spanning the past 25 years. Leftists graduated from college have not been taught anything; they’ve been indoctrinated.

They’ve been propagandized. “Highly educated” simply means they’ve got a degree. This is not a comment on IQ. It’s not a comment on common sense or even knowledge. It’s just that they’ve got a degree. Well, the way higher education has been going, having a degree from one of these universities doesn’t mean much of anything in terms of worldliness and intelligence. Just the opposite. But that’s what they think they set up. They think they set this race up to just kill and cream Handel because this district was redrawn and the people in it were just highly educated, and that just automatically means: Vote Democrat.

Except that it didn’t.

Now they’re doubly confused on what went wrong.


RUSH: Let me grab Dave in New Port Richey in Florida. Dave, great to have you on the program. How you doing?

CALLER: Rush, it is a pleasure and an honor to talk to you. I am a registered Independent since I’ve been 18 years old. I was just curious if you happened to catch the interview last night between Lawrence O’Donnell and Tim Ryan, because Tim Ryan, who is a Democrat, was basically tearing the Democrats apart. I mean, Sean Hannity even had clips of it on his show last night.

RUSH: Let me stop, very politely and respectfully answer “no” because that would have meant watching PMSNBC.

CALLER: Well, I normally don’t watch it but, you know what, every now and then I like to flip to Clinton news network and MSN just to see what they’re crying about. I’m a dedicated Fox watcher.

RUSH: Dave, no matter what you watch, we’ve got you covered. You saw it happen on PMSNBC. We have it here from CNN. Here’s the setup. Don Lemon is speaking with Representative Tim Ryan, Democrat of Colorado, about Pelosi, ’cause he’s worried that Republicans are winning by trashing Pelosi in their campaigns, which is true. He thinks they gotta get rid of Pelosi. He thinks the Democrats have got to stop talking about Pelosi and somehow they gotta take Pelosi out of the mix so Republicans can’t talk about her. So Don Lemon’s thinking, “You’re a Democrat, dude, you think Pelosi’s more toxic than Donald Trump?”

RYAN: You know what, the honest answer is, in some areas of the country, yes, she is. That’s the honest answer.

LEMON: Why so?

RYAN: I just think, first, as unfair as it is, there have been a lot of people that have spent a lot of money running negative ads against her. And I think that in certain areas, like in some of these special election districts, it doesn’t benefit our candidates to be tied to her.

RUSH: Folks, this is earthquake now. This is earthquake volatility. I know you get this. Nancy Pelosi? Untouchable. The Democrats are now turning on themselves. It’s — if you know how, and of course I clearly do — it is a beautiful thing to watch.


RUSH: The knock-down-drag-out that has begun within the Democrat Party. This one between Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz who formally ran the Democrat National Committee ’til she was fired because they found out she had worked with Hillary to literally rig the primary election.

The irony of this. For eight months, minimum, we have had this intense, never ending investigation into Trump and his collusion with Russia. And it turns out that the only election rigging that took place was within the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party rigged the election, Hillary Clinton with Debbie. That’s why they didn’t want the FBI to look at the servers to find out evidence of this.

You know, folks, let me put it to you this was. Look at it, look at the historical events this way. Donald Trump, remember? He would not pledge to accept the election result. In the last debate between himself and Hillary, he would not accept, he would not pledge to accept the election results because he couldn’t rule out the election might be rigged.

We had already learned that the Democrat primaries were rigged in the sense that the Democrat primaries were nothing more than a show. It was guaranteed Hillary Clinton was gonna be the nominee. This is why Crazy Bernie Sanders supporters are so livid to this day. They know the drill. But the irony here is great. Trump would not pledge to accept election results and Hillary and the media just jumped all over him.

You remember the Drive-Bys were talking about, “This is the greatest threat on our precious democracy that could have been ever happened. One of the candidates for president is openly saying three weeks out that he might not accept the results of the election. He might contest.” They wanted Trump to admit that night that he would accept the results. Because what they wanted him to do was concede defeat three weeks out. Remember, three weeks out — this is very, very important. This is really crucially important to understand everything that’s happened.

Never forget the Democrats all thought they were winning in a landslide. Obama thought it. Hillary thought it. Now, in the aftermath, there have been some Democrats who have spoken up and said that they didn’t. That they saw troubles, they saw warning signs, they were upset. Some were telling us after the fact, “Yeah, we had some doubts.” Okay, fine and dandy, but at the time and with media narratives included, Hillary was going to win in a landslide.

The reason why there was no talk of Russia and tampering and collusion was because they didn’t want to taint Hillary’s victory. Obama wanted to downplay any notion of Russian hackery or Russian involvement or Russia tampering or any collusion because they were gonna win! And they didn’t want to taint Hillary’s win like they’ve tried to taint Trump’s. And so they downplayed all this Russia stuff. And they downplayed all of the Hillary stuff with her email server.

What has been the media narrative since the election? The election was rigged! Trump was right! Trump was right not to pledge to accept the results, ’cause he couldn’t rule out the election might be rigged. The media narrative since the election that they’ve been desperately trying to prove, and will not be able to, is that the election was rigged by Russia.

So Trump was right. He instinctively knew not to concede before the facts were in. He also knew that they were essentially asking him to concede the election that night. What they wanted to do — what they hoped happened — it was Chris Wallace that asked the question. And the Democrats were hoping that Trump would do what any candidate, Romney, “Certainly, of course I will accept the results of the election.”

That’s what any normal Beltway establishment type would say. You know, any Harvard educated member in good standing, “Of course as an American, a patriot, of course I will accept the results.” They wanted Trump to say that because the headlines the next day would be, “Trump Concedes Defeat.” “Trump admitted in debate last night he expects to lose.” That’s what they wanted to write. And Trump denied them that.

Now, this is where it gets interesting. Obama knew about Russian election cyber mischief because everybody knew about it. The way this story’s been presented is that Russia has been a country and the Soviet Union’s been a union and they’ve been out there, but for the first time, for the first time ever, ever, the Russians tried to hack an American election. For the first time the Russians attempted to collude. For the first time the Russians tried to involve and cheat, for the first time.

And of course it isn’t the first time; it’s not the last time. It’s something that happens constantly and frequently, so much so that Obama knew about Russian election cyber mischief, he had even commented on it, and he even said it was not possible. But Obama stayed quiet because he knew Hillary was gonna win, and win big. People ask me, “This Russia thing, why didn’t it start before the election?” Because they thought they were gonna win, folks, and there is no way that they were going to taint Hillary’s victory.

Hillary knew that the DNC servers were infiltrated. This is another thing. Hillary Clinton knew, and Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz knew that the Democrat National Committee computer network and their servers had been hacked. They had hired a third-party outfit forensic examination unit called CrowdStrike to go in there. They wouldn’t let the FBI examine the network.

They didn’t want the FBI to find whatever evidence was there. They wanted a third-party group that they hired that they could control. Hillary knew the DNC servers were infiltrated, but why bring that up? If you’re Hillary and you’re running an illegal off-the-grid, unsecured server from home, and if you are trafficking in classified data, why bring it up? Why make a big deal about the Democrat servers being hacked?

This is why Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz is saying Jeh Johnson lied because in the aftermath of the election Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz and Hillary are both trying to rewrite history saying, “No, no, no, there wasn’t a hack. We weren’t penetrated.” They’re trying to downplay it because they knew the servers had been infiltrated, but if you bring that up, the Democrat National Committee, that’s a big computer network. That’s lots of security. That is a lot of money spent on big-time security. If that network got hacked, if the Russians or somebody found their way into that network and over here Hillary’s got an unsecured server in her basement, nobody wanted that to come up, any more than it already was.

And of course back on July 5th Comey had exonerated Hillary from anything that might have happened with her email server because he couldn’t find that she intended to traffic in classified data. But he demonstrated that she had. So they had to downplay this hack of the DNC because to blow it up would have been to call attention to Hillary’s own unsecured network.

What has been the media narrative since the election? Trump is obstructing justice. Trump is guilty of a cover-up. And it’s the exact opposite. Hillary Clinton was and is in cover-up mode, and she wasn’t about to say diddly-squat about a foreign government hacking anything during the campaign before the election. She wasn’t gonna get there. Obama wasn’t gonna go there because they’d already gotten into the Democrat servers. Hillary’s out there lurking with her unsecured server. They didn’t want any talk of this. And keep in mind, at all times, in all of this, they think they’re winning, they think they’re winning big in a landslide. They think Trump may not even get 30% of the vote. Even going into election night.

So it’s a very, very ironic situation in which these people now find themselves. So Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz has accused Jeh Johnson of lying. Let’s go to the audio sound bites. This is from CNN At This Hour this morning. She is being interviewed by Kate Bolduan who says, “The former secretary of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson, testified yesterday about the Russian hacks during the election. He flat-out said that you and the DNC refused his help, you refused the FBI’s help in trying to figure out what happened. You put out a statement afterward basically saying that he was wrong. Where’s he wrong?”

SCHULTZ: He’s wrong in every respect. Let me just be very clear. At no point during my tenure at the DNC was I contacted by the FBI, DHS, or any government agency or alerted or made aware that they believed that the Russians, an enemy state, was intruding on our network, at no point. And I am a member of Congress who had the ability to sit down and be briefed in a classified setting.

BOLDUAN: But how can both be true?

SCHULTZ: That’s outrageous.

BOLDUAN: Secretary Johnson says the DNC rebuffed the help that they offered. You’re saying that no one ever contacted you —

SCHULTZ: Respectfully, Secretary Johnson is utterly misinformed. That is simply not accurate.

RUSH: Well, folks, everybody thinks that the DNC servers got hacked. I mean, it’s become an operating theory. It’s a factor in everything that’s gone down here. But it’s just internal squabbling now, Democrat on Democrat crime, Democrat liberal accusing another Democrat liberal of lying. Now, take this back to Hillary. Why does Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz continue to say, “No, no, no, we weren’t hacked. Jeh Johnson doesn’t know what he’s talking about”?

A major goal of the Hillary Clinton camp was to avoid any and all discussions of foreign governments hacking servers. You can’t talk about Russian hacking when Hillary has got an illegal, unprotected server in her home! It’s too risky. So they had to downplay all of this during the campaign. It was maybe the most important topic for Hillary to avoid. And Obama knew this. The DNC knew it. The media knew it. Hillary was not only grossly irresponsible, she was guilty of thousands of violations of the Espionage Act while she was secretary of state.

This was also the window — that illegal server was where all of that mega influence peddling with the Clinton Crime Family Foundation was taking place. That’s where all the donations were coming from around the world, to her unprotected server. That’s why she had it. She didn’t want those donations going through the State Department network. They had to keep all talk of Russian or anybody, interference in the network, downplay that because of her vulnerability.

So if Russia or any other country could gain advantage hacking into a server like the DNC, if the Russians could hack the DNC server and change the outcome of an election, well then there were two questions that Democrats would not want to answer. Number one. Why was Hillary Clinton allowed to run an off-the-grid, unprotected server? If the Russians could affect the outcome of an election by hacking the Democrat network, then what the hell was Hillary doing running one of her own in her house?

And the next question: Why wouldn’t the DNC turn their server over to the FBI for investigation of a Russian hack? You got servers, hackers, Russia; these were lethal issues for Hillary and the Democrats. Not Donald Trump. And what’s happened since here has been a direct 180 to try to take the vulnerability away from where it really was, on the Democrats, and transfer it to Trump. And it is beginning to unravel.


RUSH: Yeah, I knew this. I went back, folks, it was TheHill.com, January 10th: “Comey: DNC Denied FBI’s Requests for Access to Hacked Servers.” The FBI requested direct access to Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz’s servers but was denied, James Comey told lawmakers on January 10th. So Comey says the FBI wanted the server, wanted to look at it, wanted to examine it. Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz said, “No, you can’t.” Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz said Jeh Johnson’s lying. Now she’s saying Comey’s lying.

Can you just see the rope beginning to frazzle here, folks? Can you see this intricate web of deceit beginning to unravel? Here are Trump’s tweets on the tapes. “With all of the recently reported electronic surveillance, intercepts, unmasking, and illegal leaking of information, I have no idea whether there are tapes or recordings of my conversations with James Comey, but I did not make and do not have any such recording.” Well! He’s acknowledging there might be some. He doesn’t have any knowledge, but with all this leaking and all of the unmasking and all the surveillance, there might be, but he didn’t do it.


RUSH: Here’s Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz calling Jeh Johnson a liar under congressional testimony yesterday. And it was back on January 10th that Comey told members of Congress that he had asked for permission to investigate the DNC server after the news that it had to be hacked, and Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz said no.

Now here’s an important thing to remember. Comey didn’t have to leave it there. He asked that the Democrats voluntarily turn over their server and anything else related to the hacked network, and Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz and the DNC said no. Comey could have gotten it with a grand jury subpoena, but he allowed the Democrat National Committee to stonewall him. Now, he would have needed permission from the Justice Department to subpoena the server. That would have meant going through Loretta Lynch.

The fix was in. The Democrats weren’t gonna let anybody have that server. They’re out there telling everybody it’s been hacked, the Russians got into it. In January, not in October, in January Comey is confirming this. The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming. They couldn’t afford to let the FBI see that server.

They couldn’t afford it because Hillary’s vulnerability on her own server, in their minds, had been successfully shunted aside with Comey back on July 5th. He lists all of her violations, statutory law, but said there’s no prosecution because he couldn’t find intent, which was ridiculous. It’s not part of the law. Made it up. But, anyway, it closed the case.

They had to guard everything here, ’cause they’re accusing Trump of colluding with Russia. They’re accusing Russia of hacking, doing all this with Trump when in fact it had happened with their own servers. And if their servers were that vulnerable that the Russians or anybody else could get in, imagine a server in a bathroom at a house in Chappaqua where Clinton is schmoozing the help. I mean, that wouldn’t be a stretch at all to figure out that could happen.

So Comey asks her for this server, asked the DNC, they say no, and he doesn’t subpoena. So he allowed himself to be stonewalled. This stuff, I have to tell you, we have been treated to a huge — and we’re still being treated to it, scam, a hoax. It’s a gigantic diversion and distraction, but it’s about to begin eating them alive.

This Pelosi business, you know what this is really about? What is the mother’s milk of politics? Money. Let me tell you what this Pelosi stuff is really all about. Washington Examiner: “Democrats Had the Worst May Fundraising Since 2003 — The Democratic National Committee raised nearly $4.3 million in May, making it the organization’s worst May on record for fundraising since 2003, according to newly released Federal Election Commission data. … The low number follows another rough fundraising month in April, in which the group hauled in $4.7 million, making it the worst April of fundraising since 2009.”

They can’t raise any money. They’ve got the most, highest educated voters, and all this Hollywood — And here’s another thing to keep in mind about Democrat donations. This is becoming more and more obvious to me. I do not know yet what the ultimate ramifications are, but most of the big money that is coming into the Democrats, be the individual candidates, or the party, are coming from fringe leftists, really hyper-wealthy fringe leftists. Fringe leftists in Silicon Valley, fringe leftists in Hollywood, fringe leftists wherever they are.

These are the people that think Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders and Michael Moore are the future of America and the future of the Democrat Party. That’s where their big money is coming from. That means those people have to be listened to. You give that kind of money, you expect something for it. You expect Bill Clinton will bring his harem to your house when they’re out fundraising. You expect policy considerations. You expect an ambassadorial position. You expect something, when you’re giving and raising gazillions.

And the people doing that for the Democrat Party are the real fringe, like this guy Tom Steyer who’s one of these just out of the world climate change fruitcakes. There’s a faction developing in the Democrat Party, and you can see it on election night Tuesday, who think the mistake the party’s making is they’re not going far enough left and they’re not doing it soon enough.

They looked at the Ossoff campaign, they saw a centrist campaign, they saw a moderate campaign, she saw a guy who was too nice, and they’re thinking, this is not the way. They want rabid confrontation. The people who are giving the money are also the people paying for these violent protests and riots all over the country. That’s who’s giving money. When those people give money, they expect loyalty and results.

So the party is going to continue to be pulled to the wacko fringe left because that’s where most of the money is coming from. But that money is not enough to keep up with the Republicans. All that money is on the very far fringe of the spectrum. They can raise money there, but that doesn’t translate to enough votes, as Georgia 6 illustrates. They can have money or they can come back from the ledge and present normal people — well, normal for them is still wacko left.

But the problem is the wackos with the money will not let the Democrats moderate in any way. I don’t know how much they want to moderate anyway. And I don’t know how the RNC is raising money, either. That’s a mystery to me. But they’re outraising the Democrats left and right. I think most of that’s probably Trump, to tell you the truth. But that’s why Pelosi’s — And look, I’m sure the negatives are — but it’s never bothered them before, what people say about Pelosi. It’s never bothered ’em what Democrat leaders, what Republicans say about ’em.

It’s the money. They’re having trouble raising money. And it’s not gonna get any better.

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