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RUSH: It’s raining in Georgia district 6. On no other day would that be newsworthy (chuckles), but it’s raining in Georgia district 6. So you might be asking, “Why is that such a big deal?” Well, Democrat voters don’t like getting wet. They don’t like venturing out in the rain on Election Day. It seems that rain has a tendency to suppress turnout, and statistically it suppresses leftist Democrat turnout more. This is when the Democrats try to get mass transportation in gear to try to get the average Democrat voter opposed to be getting wet to the polls.

But it may be somewhat mitigated by the fact that there was record early voting, 140,000 people early voted in George 6. And again just to set that up, all last week and the week prior to that, the media narrative was that Ossoff was going to beat Trump! You wouldn’t know that there’s a woman named Karen Handel on the ballot, the Republican. Nope! The election has been portrayed as the Pajama Boy, Jon Ossoff, versus Trump — and Ossoff was gonna wipe the floor with Trump! Ossoff was gonna just beat the tar out of Trump.

And then, the dynamic began to change. And you could see it slowly evolve (or should we say “devolve”) and it became narrower and narrower, the Ossoff poll lead over Trump. And then it narrowed to the point of being a tie. It was in the margin of error, and the media was beginning to panic and change the narrative. The narrative in certain sectors of the Drive-By Media was, “This election doesn’t mean anything.” Two weeks ago, it meant everything. Two weeks ago, “If Pajama Boy wins today, that means Trump loses in 2018 and ’20.” That’s what they want you to believe: Donald Trump’s on the ballot. The Trump presidency is on the ballot.

If Ossoff wins — and, by the way, a record amount of money has been spent on this campaign by the Democrats. Something to the tune of $23 million or $25 million — 99% of it from outside the district, 80% probably from Hollywood — has been spent on this election. And the Democrats are now getting nervous because the most recent poll shows that Handel is up by two. So the narrative that started out Ossoff is gonna wipe the floor with Trump has now become, “It’s too close to call, and it doesn’t mean that much! We really can’t say that.”

Look, so everybody on the left now… Well, most people are hedging their bets. They are losing their confidence here. They don’t trust their own polls. They don’t trust the amount of money. So we’ll just have to see. If Ossoff does win, the narrative will once again be, “Trump got beat! This is the equivalent of the American people rising up and taking the first opportunity they’ve had to show their disgust with Trump.” That’s how it will go.

You be prepared, folks, because that’s what’s going to be reported. It won’t be accurate, it won’t be true, but that’s what it’s gonna be. If Ossoff loses, the narrative is going to immediately and magically be, “We overhyped it!” In fact, they started saying that yesterday. “I think this election is being overhyped.” A lot of commentators on leftist TV say, “Ah, we’ve overhyped this.” So I think they’re beginning to have their doubts about this. But we won’t know ’til the votes are counted.

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