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RUSH: North Tampa. This is Wayne. Welcome, sir. How are you doing?

CALLER: I’m doing well. Thank you.

RUSH: Well, it’s great to have you on the program, Wayne. Thank you for calling.

CALLER: I was taking note of you mentioned how, when you mentioned sustainability, that the Millennials really pay attention to that.

RUSH: They do.

CALLER: If we could just point out how Obamacare and all the entitlements are not sustainable, would we get any traction?

RUSH: It’s possible. The sustainability argument, as far as Millennials are concerned, it is mostly successfully applied to energy and energy related things. For example, green energy, windmills and solar, that’s considered sustainable. It isn’t. But look, it’s worth a shot. The problem is — and I’m all for trying it — the whole concept of sustainability is related to government involvement.

This is why the left has co-opted and used the word because it is the government that makes something sustainable, because the government is always there. The government will always be there and the government getting behind something makes it sustainable. And then whatever you’re talking about itself, if it has its own sustainability. But, yeah, it’s certainly worth exploring as an attempt to woo them.

When I think of things like this, I’m struck. You’ve got one of two ways you can go. Because if Millennials buy into the whole concept of sustainability, then you have two things you can do. You can either try to piggyback on that and get them to pay attention to what you want using the same verbiage and terminology. Or you can embark on a course to try to tell them how that’s a crock, that sustainability is a ruse for which they’ve fallen. Both methods are worth attempting and trying.

But to be effective, we’d have to go back and find out really where it all began. What is this whole notion of sustainability, and why does it matter to them? And then take your shot at appropriating the term and using it on issues you want, like Obamacare and health care. The idea is government health care sustainability. For example, we had this yesterday, and I kind of was beating myself up yesterday because I had the story, I mentioned it only peripherally, and then last night it blew up. It was all over a bunch of blogs and conservative media sites.

It was a story in the Washington Post yesterday, an editorial, where the editors of the Washington Post have suddenly discovered that single payer is so expensive, we may not be able to afford it, as though it’s the first time they’ve ever considered this.

Now, this kind of thing blows my mind. You would think that learned people who understand government and budgets and money would automatically know that single-payer health care, government paying for everything, is gonna be out-of-this-world expensive. But these people are acting like they’ve just discovered it. And in that sense, it isn’t sustainable. Single payer is not sustainable, because we can’t afford it. In that way, go for it.

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