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RUSH: This Russian collusion hoax is now getting people shot.

Let’s start on Monday. Unfounded speculation ran wild in the media that Trump might fire the Special Counsel. The guy that created “The Wire” on HBO, David Simon, reacted on Twitter: “If Donald Trump fires Robert Mueller, and is allowed to do so, everybody pick up a brick. That’s all that’s left to you.”

Twitter users quickly called him out for inciting violence, but Simon taunted them and refused to back down.

The New York Times is a proud sponsor of the Shakespeare-in-the-Park production of “Julius Caesar.” Performed in Central Park in New York, this year it features a Trump lookalike in the lead who is assassinated onstage.

Companies like Delta Airlines and Bank of America withdrew their sponsorships. The Times refused to do that. They’re proudly defending their continued sponsorship of the assassination.

In recent weeks, two CNN staffers have been fired for this kind of thing. One reporter was let go for calling the president a piece of excrement — he used another word — and the so-called comic Kathy Griffin was dropped by the network after a holding a mock-up of President Trump’s bloody severed head.

So is anybody surprised at the shooting at the baseball park? A favorite protest chant of the left is: “The whole world is watching.” Well I hope they are watching so everyone can see for themselves how deranged today’s left has become, because they are now getting people shot.

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