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RUSH: Shakespeare in the Park. This is a big deal for the theater world. You might think this is off off off off Broadway. No, no, this is not off off off off off Broadway. This is a big deal and corporations love being seen. It’s connected to this.

You have to have lived in New York and understand the New York theater and arts and croissant crowd, coupled with the corporate culture. It’s how they all tell themselves and demonstrate to everyone else that they are cultured and sophisticated and supportive of the performing arts, some of the finest and most valuable elements of high society. The actors work in there for not very much and they do variations on Shakespeare plays.

What they’re doing now is Julius Caesar who, of course, as you know is assassinated by Et tu, Brute, as he’s walking into the Senate. Well, guess who’s playing Caesar in this adaptation? An orange headed Julius Caesar made to look like Donald Trump gets stabbed to death and killed and the audiences cheer, and it is clear it is President Trump being assassinated.

So we know that the left enjoys watching a Donald Trump character stabbed to death on stage. We know that the left enjoys Donald Trump cut to pieces by a thousand illegal leaks. We know that some on the left actually appreciated the art of Kathy Griffin’s decapitation of Trump and that photo-op. We know that left, for the most part, will actively and loudly and proudly support the political assassination of Donald Trump. And as far as that goes, nothing is out of bounds.

Nothing is out of bounds. If collusion won’t kill Trump, if obstruction of justice narratives will not kill Trump’s presidency, then let’s kill it on stage. And we’ll call it art. Just like terrorism is workplace violence. Just like in the Reuters stylebook, terrorism doesn’t exist. There isn’t any terrorism at Reuters.

No, it’s art. The political assassination of Donald Trump is art. It’s all in the phrasing. It’s good to see just how ugly the left is when their masks of acceptability and sophistication are removed. The Democrat Party is attempting to erase boundaries between countries, and they are attempting to erase the boundaries of civility. The modern day left and Democrat Party is attempting to butcher the entire notion of decency, proprietary behavior, and civility.

There’s no nuance here. The media ignores hypocrisy when practiced by Democrats, but there has been an accumulation of double standards that may overwhelm the media and their elected minions because these double standards are continuing to pile up on each other.

Do you remember when Sarah Palin was accused of being responsible for the shooting of Gabby Giffords and then I, secondarily, was similarly accused of this. Why? Well, on Sarah Palin’s website, she happened to have a graphic of the scope in a rifle. And that graphic happened to be discovered right around the time Giffords was shot.

So the left and its willing accomplices are running out saying that Palin inspired the shooting. And it was horrible. Remember what they did to her? They raked her over the coals. They called her insensitive. They said she was an accomplice to murder, an accomplice to shooting, it was horrible. These conservatives and their love of guns and their love of scopes and bull’s-eyes and so forth, and Palin had nothing to do with it. And the left and the media excoriated her, and in any public shooting, be it a movie theater or a school shooting, the left first tries to find if the perp is a Tea Party member.

Then they try to find out if the perp listens to talk radio. Then they try to find out if the perp watches Fox News. Then they try to find out if the perp voted Republican. They never find that out. The perps are always deranged either apolitical leftists who love Democrats or they’re just insane lunatics. But they are never conservative right-wingers, listeners to talk radio, and they’re never Sarah Palin acolytes.

But the point is, Sarah Palin had nothing to do with Gabby Giffords being shot. And yet, when it happened, that’s the only person the left blamed. Here Donald Trump is assassinated every night in Central Park on the stage, and the left applauds this and says it’s art and wants more of it. Kathy Griffin decapitates Trump and there’s some who think that went too far but privately they’re very happy. And she had her own supporters urging her and egging her on and applauding her. Wasn’t Alec Baldwin one of them? Didn’t Alec Baldwin come out in her defense? Or am I confusing him with somebody else? Somebody came out in her defense.

When the left actually portrays it, when they actually engage in symbolic assassination of Republican presidents — which they did frequently with Bush — it’s applauded, it’s great art, it’s expanding the boundaries, it’s testing the boundaries! It’s courageous. It’s hypocritical as it can be,

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