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RUSH: So they’re having a cabinet meeting in the White House right now. Did you know that this is June the 12th, and this is the first full cabinet meeting that Donald Trump has held, has presided over? There have been cabinet meetings prior to this, but this is the first one when every cabinet secretary is there, meaning it took this long for the Senate to confirm them all — a Republican-controlled Senate! It took them six months to confirm Trump’s cabinet! The Drive-Bys are out there worrying and whining and moaning about the slow pace of Trump filling positions.

I’m not kidding. They’re laying it off on Trump!

The Senate is going slow in this because the longer they go, the longer the delay in approving Trump nominees, the longer Obama holdovers get to hang in there — and make no mistake: That is something the Washington establishment very much wants to happen. You know what they’re doing — or what they did. The TV coverage of it is now ended, but every cabinet secretary… It was kind of like the first day of school. You introduce yourself; you tell everybody what you’ve been doing through the summer, tell everybody who your plans are for the new school year.

That’s exactly what happened here. Every cabinet secretary introduced themselves to each other. Now, of course, the media’s in there and those camera shutters were just clicking left and right. I could not understand what they were saying. I had to have somebody come in here and translate it for me. Microphones, there’s too much echo. But I heard enough that the nominees were all saying how honored and blessed and excited they are to do their jobs. Some of them are recounting the progress that has taken place already, those that have been in place.

They’re reiterating all the things that Trump promised to do to make America great, and they’re all talking about how they’re on the way to doing just that in every department. And I’m telling you: They were having fun, and they were laughing, and they were all praising Trump — and this was not sycophancy. (For those of you in Rio Linda: They were not kissing butt.) They were just straightforward, appreciative. They were complimentary, and they looked genuinely happy to be there. You should have seen the CNN graphic of this.

“Trump Meets with Full Cabinet for First Time, Including AG Sessions.” Why would they throw that in there? Because they think Sessions is either gonna get fired or convicted, or he’s going to be thrown out of there or quit. One of the two. CNN just can’t help themselves. But I’ll tell you, the upshot of this is (and don’t doubt me on this) when the rest of the Washington establishment — when the media, when the Democrats, when Republicans that are not happy… When they look at this and they see these smiling faces, they get mad.

When they see happiness, they get mad. When they see and hear cabinet secretaries thanking Trump and expressing their gratitude and their eagerness to do what they do, they get mad. “Doesn’t Trump know that everybody is supposed to be close to quitting? Don’t these cabinet secretaries know that it should be embarrassing to be in there with Trump? Don’t these cabinet secretaries understand that they look like fools when they look like they are happy and honored to be there?” Make no mistake, the psychology of this…

It’s subtle. You won’t see any news about it, but I’m just telling you: This is the kind of thing that will drive the anti-Trump faction even more insane. They are looking for affirmation every day that their efforts to discredit, to delegitimize, to embarrass Trump are working. One of the sure signs that they are succeeding would be when Trump associates begin to bad mouth him or act like they’re unhappy to be there or embarrassed.

That would be a sign of the job getting done. But when they pour everything they’ve got (and they’re continuing to do so) into getting rid of Trump, into succeeding with their little coup here — when they pour everything they’ve got into humiliating Trump and his family — and then see all of this happiness and all of this excitement and all of this optimistic expression of the future? It wears on them. I guarantee you it bums ’em out. It makes ’em mad.

It is an in-their-face illustration that what they’re trying is not working with close associates of Trump. Reince Priebus was there. He’s supposed to be on the way out, according to popular Drive-By news fiction. Steve Bannon was there. He’s supposed to have been gone months ago. How many times is Bannon gonna be fired? But he was in there, and everybody was laughing and having a good time.


RUSH: I told you that Trump’s cabinet meeting was gonna drive the left crazy. Just briefly to repeat: Trump had his first full cabinet meeting today. It was the first time every cabinet secretary could be there, because all of them had not been confirmed up until this meeting. And they went around the room introducing themselves and they talked of their pride and the honor it was to be in Trump’s cabinet. They spoke very highly of him. They recounted the work they have done so far. They detailed the agenda that they are on, and they spoke optimistically and very positively about it.

I told you that when the left sees this, they’re gonna go bonkers for a host of reasons — primarily, though, is psychological reasons. You have to understand, folks: The left thinks they’re succeeding. The media, left think they’re succeeding in creating nationwide disgust and hatred for Donald Trump. That’s why they’re doing all this. They’re trying to move public opinion. Public opinion will be necessary if Trump’s ever to be impeached because impeachment’s a political thing. They’re trying to move political opinion.

They’re trying to shape it. They’re trying to convince people they made a mistake. They want people to realize that Trump’s a reprobate. They want him to be abandoned by the people that voted for him and the people that are on the fence. And when they saw what they saw today, they went bonkers, because it’s evidence right smack-dab in their face that it isn’t working, that they’re not creating hatred for Trump. They’re not agreeing disgust. Here’s his cabinet. Of all people… You’re a leftist, you’re a media person, you’re a Democrat watching this.

Of all people, the cabinet ought to be the most disgusted with Trump because they’re the closest to him and they’re the ones that can see just what a horrible man he is — what a bully and what a pig and how illegitimate he is, how he cheated with the Russians. They should be on the inside ’cause they’re closest — and here they are filled with respect and admiration, some even love. And they’re all excited about the Trump agenda and those that have been working on it excitedly report.

I have been told — and I just printed it out. I have been told… Well, here’s an example. This is a tweet from Christo Grozev‏. I don’t care who it is. “I grew up under communism. What I hear today from the Cabinet Meeting is spooking me. This is cult to [sic] personality of the saddest kind.” Do not doubt me on this. The more they have evidence that they are failing to create hatred for Trump along the lines of that that they feel, the more they’re gonna ratchet it up and the more insane and irrational they are going to become.

Remember, these are the people who have hubris and arrogance and conceit in one big bundle. They think they’re the smartest. They think they’re the best. They think they’re the brightest and they think everybody should agree with them. And when they have this hatred for Trump, they think it should be universal, and they believe it will be universal because everybody will want to be like them and think like them. When they see evidence that they’re not having any impact at all on changing public opinion it drives ’em nuts.

So if you happen to be a Twitterer, I guarantee you you are going to see lots of tweets today from people upset at this cabinet meeting, because it’s, as I say, evidence smack-dab in the face that the agenda, the narrative — the program of sheer, raw hatred — is not working. Axios, the website today: “Trump ‘on an Island All Alone’ — The spotlight has been on President Trump’s legal jeopardy. But inside the small circle of top Republicans who advise this White House, there’s increasing concern that future political problems are stacking up.

“One of the oldest (and most trusted) hands in America told a large group of CEOs in New York City on Friday: ‘Simply put, Trump has lost control of his presidency. He still has all the power of the office, but for someone who spent a portion of his life in real estate litigation, he shows once again he has not learned the first rule of legal combat: It is often better to say nothing and do nothing.'” That’s not the way Trump has behaved. He’s never stood mute.

He’s always been on the assault, on the attack. That’s just the way he is. He doesn’t see any need to change here, and he isn’t. He’s also not alone on an island. In their dreams! That’s what they’re trying to create: Trump isolated and all alone and going mad, and all he has around him are Ivanka and Jared and Steve Bannon, and they’re just eating coconuts and they’re sending messages. They’re putting them in bottles and throwing them in the ocean and hope they get rescued that way. That’s what they want Trump to be, but he’s not.

Let’s go to audiotape of the cabinet meeting. We’ll start here with Trump at the beginning of the meeting speaking of his agenda.

THE PRESIDENT: When I ran it was “Make America Great Again,” and that’s what we’re doing. Believe me, we’re doing it, and we’re doing it at a much faster pace than anyone thought. I will say that never has there been a president, with few exceptions — in the case of FDR, he had a major depression to handle — who’s passed more legislation, who’s done more things than what we’ve done. Between the executive orders and the job-killing regulations that have been terminated, many bills — I guess over 34 bills in Congress — signed. A Supreme Court justice who’s going to be a great one, gonna be a great Supreme Court justice. And many other things, we’ve achieved tremendous success. And I think we’ve been about active as you can possibly be and at just about record-setting pace.

RUSH: So Trump says they’ve taken action, they’re going to continue to take action, they’re moving the agenda forward, and everybody is excited about it. We’re ready to go. In the next bite, he says Mitch McConnell is going to pass health care.

THE PRESIDENT: Mitch McConnell is working very, very hard, as are the Republican senators. We will have zero backing from the Democrats, even though they should get in and do something. But we expect to get zero. If we had the greatest bill in the history of the world on health care, we wouldn’t get one vote from the Democrats, because they’re obstructionists. That’s what they want to do. That’s the game. They think that’s their best political game. They’re looking to ’18. So far, we’ve had two races and we both of those races. They spent millions and millions of dollars, congressional races. We have another one coming up, and we’ve been doing very well. But they’re obstructionists, and that’s sad. But we are coming up with something that I believe will be very good with zero support from the obstructionist Democrats. Sad!

RUSH: So he knows what they’re up against. He’s not planning on having that stop him. He’s got means and methods to go around. This just infuriates the left. He is supposed to be suing for peace by now. He’s supposed to be reaching out to them and asking them what he can do to get them to tone down. He’s supposed to be compromising. He’s supposed to be apologizing. He’s not supposed to still be in their face. He’s not supposed to be still working on that agenda. He’s not supposed to be this optimistic. He’s not supposed to be this sane. They want him to slowly but surely be driven crazy. They want to see signs of it. They’re not seeing signs of it, and I’m telling you, it is them going crazy. One more Trump here.

THE PRESIDENT: The economic numbers have been incredible. One just came out: Almost $4 trillion in worth has been created in the stock markets of our country. You just take a look at that. Seven hundred thousand jobs have been created in a very short period of time since the election — 700,000 jobs! If we would have said that on November 8th, nobody would have believed the number. If we would have said that almost $4 trillion in the stock markets has been created, everybody would have laughed at us. They would have said, “Oh, that’s ridiculous.” But that’s what it is. So we’re very proud of it.

RUSH: So he just recounts the agenda, he recounts the successes, he details the progress. We’ve got one cabinet secretary, this is Mike Pompeo. He’s the CIA director. When it was his turn, he said this:

POMPEO: It’s an honor to serve as your CIA Director. It’s an incredible privilege to lead the men and women who are providing intelligence so we can do the national security mission. And in the finest tradition of the CIA, I’m not going to say a damn thing in front of the media.

CABINET: (laughter)

RUSH: They were all laughing, and they were all having fun, and they were all paying respect to Trump. They were all thanking Trump for the honor of being in his cabinet, and it was driving everybody crazy. There’s already a cartoon on CNN, and it is of Donald Trump. Trump is The Godfather, the opening scene, and the mortician is coming in kissing his ring and asking Trump to kill somebody for him. That’s from the movie. This is not that. What this guy says, “Godfather, don’t we federal officials swear loyalty to the U.S. Constitution?”

Trump says, “First things first.” What they’re trying to do in this cartoon on CNN is say that Trump was demanding that the cabinet members pledge loyalty to him. Trump created this whole meeting today, and it’s fake and phony. What CNN is trying to say here is that these cabinet members were forced to swear allegiance to Trump. They were forced to kiss his ring. They were forced to say good things about him because they’re scared, because they’re frightened. I can tell you how this is gonna go.

Let’s me make a prediction to you and let’s see how this goes. As this goes on this afternoon and into tonight, the left/various people are gonna say the cabinet was frightened just like Comey was frightened. The cabinet scared. They know that Trump is dangerously out of control. It’s up to them to make sure the country stays in the guardrails because they don’t trust Trump. Trump is maybe colluding with the Russians and they don’t know it and they’re scared to death.

They’re scared that Trump might give ’em an order to do something they know is illegal or unconstitutional; they can’t do it. In order to keep the peace, they have to swear they love Trump. They have to lie and say they respect him. They have to lie and say they’re happy to be there. They have to lie and say they’re gonna help move the agenda forward because just like Comey, they’re sexually harassed. They feel like they’re being bullied by this guy who doesn’t know what he’s doing.

So everything in this cabinet meeting today that you saw, CNN will say, was fake. Everything in it was scripted. Trump had to get sworn statements from these people no doubt that they would swear allegiance to him and his agenda. You watch! You’re gonna get a variation of that. We already are! I’m actually kind of cheating here, ’cause my prediction’s based on something that’s already happening. The CNN cartoon. The headline: “Watching the start of Trump’s Cabinet meeting on CNN, and wow[,] he has them well trained to fawn & compliment over him. Scary!”

So they just can’t stand this. They can’t stand that these people like Trump. They can’t stand that they want to work for him. They can’t stand that they want to move his agenda. They think they are succeeding in stopping Trump, in destroying Trump, in driving Trump insane. And yet they don’t see any signs of it. And that is driving them nuts. And it’s only going to continue. Now, let’s go back to the starting point. I believe when all this started the left was already insane.

I think they were already corrupted and polluted with a degree of hatred over the election. They started this whole process with their noses out of joint and in enraged, and it’s only gotten worse. Trump has been Steady Eddie. Trump has been who he is. Trump has done everything he said he was gonna do. He’s trying to do everything he said he was gonna do. His biggest challenge is getting the people in his party to join him. Louie Gohmert!

Our old buddy Louie Gohmert, congressman from Texas. You hear what Louie said over the weekend? He said… I can’t do his Texas drawl, but (impression), “Rush, we’re looking in the wrong place if we’re looking at Russia. The place is tryin’ to destroy Trump is the Department a’Justice.” That’s what Louie said. “The Department a’Justice has still got a whole lot of Obama people in there, and they are the problem, not Russia.”

I think our old buddy Louie Gohmert has a point.


RUSH: How many seconds did it take for my prediction on the left’s reaction to Trump’s cabinet meeting to come true? Jake Tapper’s out there tweeting, “I’ve never seen a Cabinet meeting like this one before.” The story of the cabinet meeting was not Trump. The story of the cabinet meeting was the cabinet and all the things they were saying about the agenda and about Trump, and it’s driving the left crazy. Here’s Jake Tapper: “I’ve never seen a cabinet meeting like this…” This is a prelude to saying it was scripted. That’s a prelude to saying Trump demanded it.

I guarantee you, the Drive-Bys are gonna be calling representatives of the cabinet secretaries and asking, “Did Trump make you say those things? Did Trump force you to swear allegiance and loyalty like he did Comey? Remember when Trump demanded loyalty from Comey? Did Trump demand loyalty from your boss?” This is what the media’s gonna ask cabinet secretary media people.


RUSH: Man, did I call this. Sadly, we don’t have time to play it. Chuck Schumer put together a fake video of his staff praising his appearance on the Sunday shows yesterday, praising his hair and how it looked coming out of the gym, as they are mocking the Trump cabinet meeting today. It’ll be old news by the time we get to it, but I’m still gonna play the audio of it for you tomorrow. Just know that I called it.

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