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RUSH: My gosh, I could not believe this when I saw it, and that was my initial reaction. But it didn’t take much time, maybe less than 20 seconds, and it made total sense to me. ‘Cause I am constantly having to remind myself how thoroughly the left has penetrated our education system and how thoroughly successful they have been in indoctrinating students for at least one generation if not more.

So last week — to set the table, to set the stage — James Comey gave testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee, and during his testimony he referenced a couple or three times that he met alone with President Trump. He indicated that he was frightened, that he was alarmed, that he was troubled, that he was concerned, that he was so frightened he didn’t exhibit the proper courage in resisting some of the obvious crimes that the president wanted him to commit, such as letting go of the Flynn investigation.

James Comey apparently had no problem portraying himself as a victim of this brusque, brutal, predator bum Donald Trump. When you think back on it, he came across as a victim. He admitted he could have been more courageous. He admitted that he had been a little “cowardly.” Well, get this. Both the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times published stories saying that the way Trump dealt with James Comey is the exact way women are sexually harassed in the workplace. Now, when I first saw that…

I ask myself more and more these days, “How in the world does anybody think that? How in the world does somebody come to that conclusion?” And I always hearken back: That’s how they’ve been indoctrinated. This is how they’ve been taught. It’s how they have been propagandized. First up, this is… What do we have? New York Times opinion writer Nicole Serratore suggested the real reason that Comey lacked courage and was frightened was that he felt sexually harassed by Trump. That’s right.

According to the New York Times, Comey could not react to Trump at the time. He couldn’t man up. He couldn’t tell the president to stop. He couldn’t say, “No, Mr. President, I will not engage,” because he felt sexually intimidated. Now, Comey is six-eight. He was hiding in the curtains in the Blue Room. Remember that? He was trying to blend in with the curtains so that Trump would not see him. He was so intimidated. Now the New York Times says that Comey was sexually intimidated!

This is the kind of thing we used to do parodies of. This is the kind of thing we used to make jokes about. We found out very quickly… It actually was not very quickly. We found out we should not have been laughing. We should have believed and understood these people really believe this stuff. Here is what Nicole Serratore wrote: “As I listened to James B. Comey, the former F.B.I. director, tell the Senate Intelligence Committee about his personal meetings and phone calls with President Trump, I was reminded of something: the experience of a woman being harassed by her powerful, predatory boss.

“There was precisely that sinister air of coercion, of an employee helpless to avoid unsavory contact with an employer who is trying to grab what he wants. After reading Mr. Comey’s earlier statement, I tweeted about this Wednesday night, and immediately heard from other women who had seen that narrative emerge. How recognizable it was that Mr. Comey was ‘stunned’ to find himself in these potentially compromising positions.”

(laughing) Compromising positions! “His incredulity, mixed with President Trump’s circling attempts to get his way, were poignant. For a woman who has spent a lifetime wrestling with situations where men have power they can abuse, this was disturbingly familiar. [Tweet] ‘On some level the view from inside Comey’s head on all this Tr*mp [sic] stuff feels so weirdly like a date with terrible guy.'” Do you believe this? So you women, female reporters in the New York Times (there’s one in the LA Times, too, writing almost the same thing).

When they watched coach recount his experiences with Trump alone at dinner and in the Oval Office, it reminded them of what it feels like to be sexual harassed and surrounded and hit on by a bum, predatory male boss. So James Comey reminded them of a victimized woman, and to them it makes him a hero. To them, a six-foot eight guy — the FBI director, J. Edgar Comey — reminded them of a sexually harassed woman. What is a sexually harassed woman? A powerless, put-upon, set-upon victim. Poor James Comey!

These women knew exactly what it was like. J. Edgar Comey. By the way, Michael Goodwin had a good piece in the New York Post on Sunday that this Comey guy, A, is a stranger to the truth in a couple of ways documented. But keeping memos on presidents, writing up records of meetings with presidents? That’s J. Edgar Hoover-like. It’s also been pointed out that Comey may have lied when he said that Donald Trump was the only president he had seen fit to do this with.

He had only met with Obama a couple times. There was no need to memorialize anything. But it turns out that Comey was at odds with George W. Bush. Back when John Ashcroft was the attorney general, he was in a hospital. It was a life or death situation. Comey then became the acting attorney general, and there was a controversial reauthorization of warrantless wiretaps, which Comey opposed and Bush was in favor of, and Comey was threatening to resign. Now, Comey wrote memos about his meetings with George W. Bush!

He lied before the committee last week when he said he had only written memos about Trump. He said he had never written memos. But somebody named Barton Gellman has written a book for which Comey was a major source, and that’s how all of this is known. That Comey did memorialize meetings he had with Bush because it was… In fact, he references the grandfather clock in the Oval Office in the memo he wrote about his meeting with Bush just like the grandfather clock in the Oval Office is mentioned in his memo meeting with Trump.

It’s the meeting with George W. Bush where Comey went in and said, “I disapprove,” and Bush essentially said, “It doesn’t matter. I’m president. I run the executive branch.” Comey said, “I know. I know you do. But I’m gonna resign, ’cause I cannot sit here and openly support the continuation and expansion of the warrantless wiretap program.” And Bush said, “Well, okay.” And then Comey said, “By the way, Bob Mueller’s gonna resign, too. Robert Mueller’s gonna resign.”

This is back in George W. Bush’s first term. “And, by the way, Mueller’s gonna resign with me.” Bush said, “Well, I’m really glad you told me that.” Comey and Mueller are buddies. They are more than colleagues. They are buddies. Anybody who thinks that this independent counsel investigation is gonna be “fair,” quote, unquote… There’s no reason for one, number one. Number two, anybody who thinks this… Let me ask you a question. Have you ever heard…?

And I’ve asked ever legal beagle I know. Have you ever heard of any independent counsel investigation that concluded with the independent counsel saying, “You know what? We’re done! We found nothing. Nobody violated a law. Everybody involved here is clear and we’re closing the file.” Has that ever happened? No. It can’t happen. After all the money that’s spent, after all the political lead-in for the necessity of the thing, they have to find a crime somewhere. Hello, Scooter Libby, and the Valerie Plame so-called leak.

Newt Gingrich is on a warpath about this and he should be. But there aren’t any other Republicans on the warpath about this. Do you know that Trump could fire the independent counsel if he wanted to? Obviously, he’d be advised not to do that. “Can’t fire Comey and then the independent counsel! It wouldn’t look good.” But he could. He runs the executive branch. So James Comey was sexually harassed. Women reporters at the New York Times, LA Times: Yes, I saw no difference in a woman being harassed by a sexual predator boss, a male predator.

What a… I could not fathom being seen as somebody acting as though I’ve been sexually harassed. But apparently in today’s world, that’s a badge of honor, to be sexually harassed by some predator bum like Donald Trump. Apparently, it’s a badge of honor to be “cowardly.” It’s a badge of honor to be so frightened, you didn’t know what to say. It’s a badge of honor to lack courage because Donald Trump is such a bad guy; he can make anybody lose their courage.


RUSH: To my adopted hometown of Sacramento — and by the way, that is a city in this country that I owe so much to. It is the first city, first market that I actually ever was successful in and knew it immediately. It was the first time I’d ever been on any kind of a success track, and it’s a… I will always be grateful for the Sacramento market and the people there. It was tremendous. Here is Julia, and it’s great to have you. Welcome to the program.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. It’s a pleasure to talk to you.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I really haven’t watched a lot of TV. I more or less spend my little bit of time I can with you and with Sean, which not a lot anymore, but with this election I have listened to Fox for my first time. I cannot go CNN. I have a little bit of a queasy stomach. But I am so disgusted. This is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I can’t believe it.

RUSH: What is this?

CALLER: This Comey, his… When Comey gave his deposition, whatever it was, it was such a… He was trying to hide in the curtains? He is so full of guilt. What? Look what he did with Hillary and Obama. He was so bought off with them that they owned him. He didn’t have to take notes. He didn’t have to do nothing.

RUSH: Now, this is fascinating. I mean, obviously we have vitriol here. Julia is not a fan of James Comey and thinks he was laden with guilt. I know what you mean, but I must respectfully disagree. I don’t think there was a shred of guilt. You think Comey was covering guilt? You think he was acting like he was guilty of something in this hearing? (interruption) You think that, too? I think we were listening to the guy who thinks he single-handedly is gonna bring Donald Trump down.

I think we’re listening to the guy who succeeded in getting a special counsel appointed by leaking his supposedly only ever written memo after only meeting with one president, Donald Trump. I listened to it and I saw a guy who loved himself. He was so impressed with himself. I saw a guy whose ego is so high you can’t see it. I saw a guy who’s built a pedestal for himself, and he lives on it and is of the belief that everybody believes he should be on that pedestal.

I didn’t see any guilt whatsoever.


RUSH: I’m gonna tell you something, folks. When Comey announced that he leaked, some people think, “Yeah, he had to feel guilty.” No way. He didn’t feel guilty. He wanted a badge! He wanted a badge of honor. He wanted a medal for leaking. I’ll tell you, his admission that he had been leaking things? That answers everything for me. That tells me why James Comey is not interested in investigating the leakers and the leaks, because he is one of them.


RUSH: By the way, there are now three newspapers claiming James Comey was sexually harassed by Trump. The New York Times, the LA Times, and now the Washington Post has an entree into this.

The Washington Post article is by Christine Emba. “Just as in many of the most public sexual-assault proceedings — think Anita Hill’s testimony against Clarence Thomas, or even the Bill Cosby trial underway in suburban Philadelphia — we have an alleged perpetrator with an established power structure at his disposal and an accuser who is asked to explain why he didn’t do more to stop things from happening. And Comey’s answers mimic the confusion and guilt that often mark victims’ responses to such situations. ‘I was so uneasy.’ ‘I was so stunned.’ ‘Maybe if I did it again, I would do better.'”

Comey did say all those things, and now female writers — New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times — all claim they saw exactly what they see when a woman is sexually harassed in the workplace. (interruption) They are totally off it. Comey was the power structure. This is why, you know, I’m asking myself: Are these people genuinely this stupid? I think it’s entirely possible, Mr. Snerdley. I really do. I do think that even universities today are creating literal mind-numbed robots. I know they’re not teaching critical think. They are propagandizing them.

They are indoctrinating them. This is the kind of stuff that comes right out of a women’s studies curriculum, I guaran-damn-tee you. Remember our old buddy Catharine MacKinnon up there at the University of Michigan? This is a woman who taught women’s studies and sociology. She even taught law, and she taught her female students that all sex is rape, even sex in marriage. So I can imagine… Of course, these students all arrive at universities having been prepped by whatever indoctrination they’ve gotten either at home or in high school.

But how could anybody look at those hearings and say, “That guy looks just like a woman who has been sexually harassed!” Yeah, it requires you to think a certain thing of Trump. It requires that you see the six-foot-eight-inch James Comey — the director of the FBI — as a victim, as a helpless, frightened, scared victim, forced to meet alone with this brute — with this ugly, orange headed brute, pig Trump. The LA Times… Let’s see here. LA Times. Robin Abcarian is her name.

“And then, when Comey appeared Thursday before the Senate Intelligence Committee, he was treated in a way that was reminiscent of how the Senate Judiciary Committee treated Anita Hill so many years ago, when she alleged sexual harassment by Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas. Why didn’t you speak out at the time? Why did you take phone calls from him after that? Why didn’t you quit?” This is…

If this weren’t my job to understand these people, I would think that they’re genuinely loony. So this woman watched the hearings, and she thought the committee was being unfair to Comey by asking, “Why didn’t you quit? Why didn’t you get in his face and say, ‘No’? Why didn’t you speak out at the time?” So Comey was Anita Hill. This woman can’t even remember that it was Clarence Thomas who was the target in those hearings.


RUSH: Let me get audio sound bite or two here. Bret Baier. This is on Friday, Special Report with Bret Baier. The editor-in-chief of The Atlantic magazine, Jeffrey Goldberg. They’re talking about me, and Brett Baier introduced me and played a clip of me from the program on Friday for reaction.

BAYER: The people in the Middle America who voted for Trump, a lot of them listen to Rush Limbaugh. Here is Rush Limbaugh today on this whole thing.

RUSH ARCHIVE: [A]nd I’m talking about the vast majority of people on the left. They are now being defined and governed by a raw, sheer hatred — and this is important: That hatred is combined with daily affirmation that the best they’ve got to get rid of Donald Trump is not working. And that just infuriates them even more. … We don’t have any crimes. We haven’t been told what crimes are being pursued. All we have been is lied to!

RUSH: So they next then go to Mr. Goldberg, who is the editor of The Atlantic. Bret Baier says (impression), “Well, there’s a lot of feeling, you know, where’s the ‘there’ there? Where’s the crime? What’s gone wrong here and we don’t know? We don’t know. Why are we reporting this, Mr. Goldberg?”

GOLDBERG: People get in trouble when they try to cover up things that aren’t as serious as the cover-up (gasp) becomes and I just have to… I never thought I would say this. I’m disagreeing with Rush Limbaugh on your show. I think Jim Comey — and I’m disagreeing with Luis (sic) as well. I think Jim Comey is not discredited in this. I think he came out of this looking (gasp) fairly straightforward. He looked like a… he admitting the leaking.

RUSH: Yeah, he admitted the leaking! He came out looking great. He admitted to being a leaker; he looked great. And to the women reporterettes at the New York Times and Washington Post and the LA Times, James Comey looked just like a woman being sexually harassed by a predator boss. Yeah, Comey came out of this thing looking really good.

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