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RUSH: I’ve been putting this off, but now I have to face it, and it pains me. It literally pains me. But, my friends, I’m not gonna be here tomorrow or Friday. And it pains me. And I’m not gonna be here Monday. And it pains me. I have to be gone the next three days for professional and business reasons that are all good. They are meetings and events that do not ever occur on weekends. They only occur during the week. I had to do this last year. This may be an annual thing, by the way, this one.

It pains me because I love being here, and this is the hottest time to be alive doing what we’re doing here. I know it’s gonna be here when I get back, but I just… It pains me. I… (interruption) No, it hasn’t slowed down. That’s my point. It’s not gonna slow down. Traditionally when I’m not here, things do slow down. So I wanted to make sure I got this out and told you before the very end of the program today. Who do we have? (interruption) Oh, so Mark Steyn will be filling in each of the three days.

He’ll be here tomorrow and Friday and Monday. Monday has been forced on me. Monday, I just happened to be alluding one day to something big happening on Monday, and so the staff went out and got a guest host without my actual command to do so, and then came in and they told me they had a guest host. I said, “I don’t need the day.” They said, “Too late. We’ve made the financial commitment to the guest host. It’s nonrefundable; so we’re stuck.” Well, if that’s the case, that’s the case.

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