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RUSH: Trump sent out a tweet today, and he meant to write “network coverage” and he instead wrote network c-o-v-f-e-f-e. It was a typo later deleted. The media and Twitter went absolutely nuts. Here is one sound bite example of a montage. Cut 15 in three, two, one.

AMY ROBACH: President Trump’s mysterious message overnight taking on the press in a tweet and then ending with a typo.

CHRISTINE ROMANS: It appears to be an unfinished tweet with a typo. “Covfefe” is not a word.

SAVANNAH GUTHRIE: Let’s go back to this tweet for a minute. Does it signal any larger concern?

PETER ALEXANDER: Was it the president? Was it his social media director? And then, what if he’d been announcing something a bit more serious?

GAYLE KING: The President’s incomplete tweet overnight.

ALISYN CAMEROTA: I think that one is peculiar.

CHRIS CUOMO: This is not working for you.

MAJOR GARRETT: In all seriousness, the president’s Twitter handle this time cannot be blamed on his communications team.

CECILIA VEGA: Covfefe, covfefe? None of us really know how to say this. This was a total head scratcher.

RUSH: That’s just the beginning. There’s more hysteria to this that will make my point.


RUSH: Bill Carter, formally of the New York Times, talking about Trump’s tweet actually speculated that the country’s on edge and that typo makes you wonder if Trump had a stroke. Now, I think half of this is manufactured because they’ve made an editorial decision to be in this position.

RUSH: No, I may be trying to make too fine a point of this. It’s just that CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, everything about Trump is opposed. Everything they try to fit into their narrative that Trump is illegitimate and corrupt. I have no doubt they really believe it. I don’t want anybody to think… I don’t believe they’re acting. But I do think some of it is phony for the simple reason that it’s all hysteria, all the time. That’s not natural. Now, you might say, “Yeah, Rush, but liberals aren’t natural.” And they aren’t. I agree with you.

But this is something gnawing at me since it’s been going on. Some of it seemed so contrived and so forced. I have no doubt that the anti-Trump Democrat voting public is insane. I have no doubt of that. I don’t think those people are anywhere near normal or sane. I think they’re deranged. They have been made unhinged by the media and the Democrats, who have been lying to them and stoking them and fueling them up ever since the war in Iraq (in the modern era) and, of course, prior to that.

But they have been systematically turning people into unhinged hysterical lunatics. Mainstream Democrat voters. And now they’re on the judiciary. These judges writing some of these opinions in rejecting Trump’s executive orders? It’s no different than if any Tom, Dick, or Harry off the street in LA been put on a court and given a robe and told, “Write an opinion.” The left has so corrupted everything it’s touched. Even its highest ranking intellectual members are loony. And since that audience exists — since the media and the Democrat Party have created that portion of our population — they’ve gotta be served.

They have to be serviced. And if your audience demands Trump hatred 24/7, and that’s what you have determined as a network that you’re gonna be known for — that’s your brand — then you’ve got to feed them. You have got to give them Trump hatred 24/7, and you’ve gotta have everybody on board for it. And in the process, they’re going overboard with it to the point they’re not persuading anybody. They’re keeping their base locked in, of course, with this lunacy, but they’re not persuading.

They’re doing the exact opposite. They are turning average, ordinary people who are not immersed in the news all the time — they’re turning them away! I’m totally confident. That’s why I think this is beginning to unravel. Now, here’s the Bill Carter sound bite. He’s a former New York Times television reporter, and he’s on a roundtable today to discuss this typo. Trump meant to type “network coverage,” and instead the word came out “covfefe” or something. It’s something that makes no sense.

Here it is. The word is C-O-V-F-E-F-E. I don’t even know how to pronounce that. Co-feef? Cov-fee-fee? Co-feh-fee? Covfeh? It sounds like, you know, you talk el jefe, the big drug lord, or what have you. But they went nuts, folks. The Drive-By Media went over the top in trying to attach a meaning to this that would lead people to believe Trump is insane. It’s not Trump who is insane. It’s everybody who is predisposed to hate him. Listen to Bill Carter. This was on CNN’s New Day, Alisyn Camerota. She said, “Bill, how do you see this typo in that Trump tweet?”

CARTER: The country’s kind of on edge about a whole lot of things and what was interesting last night (snickering) was watching a lot of people trying to say, well, does this mean anything, did he have a stroke, people are interpreting in these really outrageous kind of ways as well as making fun of it. You know, it’s just risky. This is the guy who blurted on the classified intel to the Russians in the Oval Office. The idea that he has a phone and he’s falling asleep should make some people nervous.

RUSH: Now, folks, I’m telling you, this is just… Barack Obama, without a teleprompter, was a disaster waiting to happen. Do yu remember? Barack Obama without a teleprompter, do remember all those blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, all the constant stutters, the Daffy Duck-type stutters? Barack Obama without his teleprompter was a dangerous proposition. They excused it. “Nothing to see here!” Here’s a typo that Trump deleted. “Did he have a stroke? You know, this guy blurted out secret information to the Russians.”

Don’t make me laugh, Mr. Carter. You people in the media have been giving up classified information for nine or 10 months now. You have been reporting it! You’ve been eagerly seeking it out. You’ve had deranged embeds in the deep state funneling this stuff to you. You’ve been trafficking in classified information! That’s where real crimes have occurred, by the way. The leaking of classified information, the unmasking of American citizens.

We’ve got felonious behavior here that has been engaged in by sources for the Drive-By Media and perhaps others in the Democrat Party apparatus. That’s where… If any crimes have taken place, that’s where they really are. And when this stuff all winds down, I sure as hell hope that Trump turns this investigation around on a 180 and starts looking at the Clinton Foundation and all these real ties to Russia that the Democrat Party has had all these years.

And this leak circumstance! Who it is, who they are, where are they, why they’ve been doing it, who’s been doing the unmasking. There’s a real investigation waiting to happen here.

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