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RUSH: Bob in Coronado, California. Thank you for waiting. Welcome to the EIB Network.

CALLER: Thank you. Rush, I wanted to explain something that makes me very sad about Trump being accused of all this stuff with the Russians and stealing the election. Donald Trump in the campaign did something that was very American. He identified what he needed to do, which is win certain states that nobody said he could, and then he did what you’ve been speaking about; he competed. He went to three, four, and sometimes five rallies a day for two months, and he wins because he outworked his opponent. And the sad thing about all this is this reminds me of what Obama said, and this is what I’m hearing now. “You didn’t build that. Mr. Trump, you didn’t win that election. The Russians won that election.”

RUSH: Hm-hm.

CALLER: “Your hard work didn’t have anything to do with it,” is what I’m beginning to feel. And it’s really sad, because he was an example of what’s great about America. A 70-year-old person doing something with no ground game, didn’t waste money on TV ads. He went and outworked his opponent.

RUSH: By far. He kept a pace that she is not capable of even in peacetime. You know, you have a good point. We all remember certain things about the campaign. I remember Trump on two different occasions — this is really what heartened me. I mean, I was all-in for Trump when I finally figured out that he was the only person left that could beat Hillary, which to me was the objective. I would have supported anybody who was gonna beat her. This was all about stopping the left. I made that clear from the beginning of the primaries.

I noted what you saw. Trump’s outworking everybody and he’s indefatigable. He’s got seemingly boundless and endless energy. He’s improvising everywhere. He doesn’t have a script, a couple teleprompter appearances. And he’s connecting. Every moment of every rally he’s connecting with everybody watching, both in the arena and watching on television. And when he started talking about the people that he would put in his cabinet, sometimes he would name people as potential cabinet nominees. Other times he wouldn’t. But I’ll never forget these two times. And I’m sure he said it more than the two times I heard it.

But he looked into the camera, he looked out in the audience, and he said, “We are going to work so hard for you. We are going to work so hard for this country.” I believe that he meant it. Because he was, as you just said, he was already working hard for this quest. And I took that to mean that he was serious in showing up in Washington and turning it upside down and cleaning it out, draining the swamp, what have you, and putting people side by side who were going to do the same thing in an indefatigable, can’t-stop-us way.

And I think that’s what he did. But he’s run into the roadblocks in the House and the Senate comprised of members of both parties. That’s what he’s got to figure out how to deal with.

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