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RUSH: Darrell in Seattle. Glad you waited. You’re up next, sir. How are you?

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. I’m fine. It’s an honor to talk to you.

RUSH: Thank you very much. I appreciate that.

CALLER: I want you to imagine — keep your hand over the cough button. You may start laughing hysterically. Imagine Hillary Clinton had character. Her presidency would already be over. If she would have left Bill Clinton publicly in ’98, she could have raised money, started a campaign, and rode into Washington on a white horse, a champion of women everywhere. And I’ll tell you, the only thing that the Democrats are gonna be able to do to recover, begin to recover, is to sacrifice Hillary Clinton at the altar of our criminal justice system.

RUSH: Well, well, now, this is quite an —

CALLER: — crisis too. (crosstalk)

RUSH: Let me tell you, this is very intriguing. Let me see if I understand. You’re saying that if Hillary Clinton had character she would have left Clinton during the Lewinsky scandal, and if she had done that, there’s nothing that could have kept her out of the White House. She’d have become the champion of women and whatever, whoever else and she would have rode in there on a white horse. She’d be president today, maybe emeritus forever, and so forth.

CALLER: I believe so. And if the Democrats wanted to turn their fortunes around, they would sacrifice Hillary Clinton on the altar of the criminal justice system. If she is indictable, indict. If she is enough evidence to convict, convict. Then pardon her. Then she would have been flushed down, instead of breaking the glass ceiling, she would have been flushed down in history.

RUSH: Let me tell you something. I need to stop you because of time. I don’t mean to be rude. This is classic. You are one of the greatest illustrations of the cultural divide that exists, the moral, cultural, values divide that exists, because today, as she is and as she sits or waddles or stands with the anti-seizures glasses walking in the Chappaqua Memorial Day parade, she already is the champion of American women. She already is at the pinnacle. She can’t get any higher as the champion of American liberal women. You’re of course right on the money for a certain segment of the population. The second thing is the Democrats — well, I got break here. But I’m gonna continue this. Stay with us out there, Darrell.


RUSH: Now, is Darrell in Seattle still on the phone? He’s not there. Okay, so you hung up on Darrell even though I told Darrell to hang on out there? I will continue — his point is — Snerdley and I were arguing about this during the break. Snerdley thinks that if Hillary had left Bill, that she would have owned American politics for as long as she wanted to be in it. And I don’t think that. I think Hillary Clinton, she can’t get any more prominent and powerful in the Democrat Party than she already is.

Now, maybe she could have branched out and become more popular elsewhere. But I think this illustrates the culture divide we face, because on the left, remember, everybody’s a victim. Hillary was a victim all of her life. Hillary left Wellesley to go Arkansas to be with this hick and to manage his career or maybe take over when he got wherever he was going. She could have had it all. Her reputation, strange as it sounds, when she was at Wellesley, the Northeastern liberal elite establishment thought Hillary Clinton could write her own ticket.

Even though she failed the bar exam three times, they thought she was one of these people that could write her own ticket. And when she gave all that up to go to Arkansas to be the wife of the attorney general at the time who was gonna then run for governor, she became a victim. And then she became another victim 10 times over with all the cheating.

She hung in there and it was Hillary Clinton that kept his career viable and his presidency viable. If she had left him during the Lewinsky scandal, that would have been the end of his presidency. She would have taken his presidency with her. Not that he would have been impeached, but if she would have left that would have ended the days where the Democrat Party felt they owed her.

But what Darrell thinks is — and maybe some of you do, too — that having done that, if she had had the character and the self-respect to say, “I’m not putting up with this anymore. And I’m getting outta here,” it would have given her a brand-new stature, an independence.

But that doesn’t jibe with the feminism of the day. You think it does, but it doesn’t. The feminism of the day said that you can’t have a man make you happy, the primary reason. A relationship can’t be the primary reason you’re happy. Anything other than you and you’re selling out to the culture, to the dominant patriarchal culture. So being in a relationship, wanting to get married, all that stuff, that was the model for women that kept ’em subjugated. You had to branch out from it. But she didn’t do that. She hung in there with Bill and protected the Democrat Party and did so she remained a victim. To this day she remains a victim, overcoming all of these things.

Running for president she was overcoming being a victim of the Obama movement in 2008. I think if she had left Slick Willie in 2008, it would have been one of the most confusing things for feminism, not knowing quite how to deal with this, because feminism’s first devotion is to liberalism, not women. People don’t understand this. Feminism, civil rights, global warming, climate change, it’s all devoted to an ideological agenda.

Climate change is not about climate change. It’s about the people in it getting rich off of an ever-expanding, growing, controlling government. Ditto feminism. It’s all about expanding the government and government control over people. It’s about creating victims. When you successfully turn somebody into a victim, you have automatically made them a dependent on you. When you convert somebody to a victim, you are essentially telling them they have lost the power necessary to solve their own problems. And you create within them a mentality that they can’t overcome their own problem because they’re victims.

That’s the great thing about victim status if you’re a leftist: It creates armies of dependent people who forever think the world’s unfair to them, particularly Republicans and conservatives, and a built-in excuse for failure. And with all these failures, they still need to eat, they still need to have cable TV. That’s where the government comes in. For Hillary to launch herself out of victim status by abandoning her husband, maybe taking Chelsea with her, who knows, I don’t know that that would have necessarily improved her stature with the left.

And if she had done it, I think it would have…Because of the way it was structured, I think it would have blown feminism through the roof. (interruption) What’s after victim status? (interruption) That’s right. (interruption) Okay. (interruption) That’s right. Exactly right. (interruption) Snerdley asked me, “What follows victim status?” ‘Cause you don’t remain a victim forever. You first become a victim, and then you become a “survivor.” You are a “Trump survivor.” You are an “abuse survivor.” You are a whatever — and when you’re a survivor, you are a double victim! I just… (interruption)

If Hillary had left her husband, do you think 14 million people would have bought her book, as opposed to nobody buying it? (interruption) If she…? (interruption) Well, okay. You may have a point there. If she’d have told the truth about it, that might have been interesting to people. They might have decided to buy the book and so forth. Here, let me… We just had a sound bite come in. Grab sound bite number 26. This is a fairly good example here — if you want to hear some identity politics, if you want to hear how Democrats look at the world — and this buttresses many of the points I have saliently made today.

Here is Bernie Sanders this afternoon at Brooklyn College delivering the commencement address…

SANDERS: We must never allow demagogues to divide us up by race, by religion, by national origin, by gender, or sexual orientation. Black and whites, Latino, Asian-American, Native American, Christian, Jew, Muslim, and every religion — straight or gay, male or female — we must stand together. This country belongs to all of us.

RUSH: Now, these people are out there saying Trump’s dividing us. This is division! He thinks he’s speaking in a unifying way, but look! All these doing is dividing people. He’s telling us how he sees people, as the group they are in, not the human being that they are. He said, “We must never allow demagogues to divide us up by race, religion, nationality,” and then he proceeds to do just that, by identifying race, national origin, gender, sexual orientation. It’s the first thing liberals notice about people is what group are you in!

“What group do I put you in? Are you a woman? Are you lesbian? Are you straight? Are you Native American? Are you African-American? Are you a mix? What are you?” That’s how they see people, because that then identifies the victim status they hold. Victims of what? Victims of America! All these people are victims of America, “the white, patriarchal majority.” They’re all victims of America, as the left sees them. That’s why I say, Darrell might be right about Hillary. I just can’t… I’m trying to figure out what would have happened to her if she had purposely vaulted herself out of victim status — I mean, within the Democrat Party. That’s a tough question.


RUSH: I think you all are forgetting a bunch of important stuff. If Hillary would have left Bill, that would have ended his presidency, not via impeachment but that would have elevated his total lack of character. It would have been the discussion. It would have been the topic point. She shielded all that. There would have been no vast right-wing conspiracy theme that the media did pick up to blame for all that. There wouldn’t have been any Hillary and Bill foundation. There wouldn’t have been all this fundraising. If she hadn’t, she wouldn’t have been picked for Obama’s whatever if she had run and lost, if everything else had happened.

I mean, the things that she preserved… She preserved the Democrat. If she’d walked out had him, that would have been the end of the Democrat Party. Instead, she converted that — that whole scandal — into the Republicans were the enemy. Her husband was a great guy. Imagine! Ken Starr would have convicted the guy! If she’d have walked out, Ken Starr would have had his number one witness. It would have destroyed the Democrat Party. That’s why they owe her. That’s why she knows they owe her. That’s why ’08 ticked her off so much when they went and got Obama instead of her. That’s why she’s still bitter. Don’t doubt me.

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