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RUSH: Liberals in Denver hate President Trump’s deportation crackdown so now they’ve come up with a way to fight back, and the Washington Post says that it was surprisingly simple.

Here’s the backdrop. When an illegal immigrant is busted for a crime, the federal government requires that ICE be notified if the crime carries a sentence of a year or more.

So here’s what liberals in Denver did. They rewrote their laws. Many of the crimes that used to trigger ICE notification will no longer carry a sentence of a year. See? Surprisingly simple.

Crimes like shoplifting and trespassing will be punished less severely. Serve a few months in jail and you walk! But under the new approach, the sentences for domestic violence and simple assault have also been reduced. Only repeat offenders would be sentenced to a year or more.

So, you get that? To protect illegal aliens from deportation liberals in Denver just gave all first-time domestic violence offenders a break. A guy who beats his wife or girlfriend now serves less time in jail. He might even be able to get away with it twice depending on how “repeat offender” is defined.

Now, if he happens to be an illegal-alien domestic abuser Denver liberals want to make sure he’s not deported, so that he can stay here and do it again, all so they can claim victory resisting Trump.

See, surprisingly simple. You just cave your own culture.

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