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RUSH: I just saw a little story on CNN. Mitch McConnell’s out there saying, “I don’t know where, I don’t know how, I just don’t see how I’m gonna get 50 votes for the House health care bill. I just don’t see it.” No surprise, is it? The Republicans own the Senate. Well, they run it. They own the House, and the Republicans, “I don’t know where we’re gonna find the votes for this.”

This is just outrageous. In fact, I’ve got a Wall Street Journal story today talking about — we’ve been talking about this ourselves — if the Republicans would just unify behind this agenda, it would render all of these media attempts at assassinating Trump irrelevant. Just move this agenda.

You know, even Uncle Bob was on CNN today saying so. You’ve forgotten who Uncle Bob is? Bill Bennett’s brother, lawyer, defended Clinton? And Uncle Bob’s out there saying, “Look, ignore this. Go out and hire your lawyer, whoever you hire, and then just start moving your agenda.” And that’s exactly right! Just get going on this. The budget is good; the health care reform; all of these things are a good start, immigration, the reason Trump was elected.

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