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RUSH: Lately, members of the Democrat party establishment have been walking back the impeachment word. They know how unhinged their base is and they know the Russia collusion story has no evidence.

But apparently Auntie Maxine hasn’t gotten the memo. California Congresswoman Maxine Waters, who has become a folk-hero to lunatic Trump-haters everywhere, is still stoking the impeachment fires.

On a little-watched morning cable news show Maxine Waters declared that Vladimir Putin was actually the mastermind behind the nickname “Crooked Hillary.” Congresswoman Waters said that it was Vladimir who fed Trump supporters the “Lock Her Up!” chant. She said these strategies were developed inside the Kremlin working with the Trump campaign. So the words coming out of Trump’s mouth were from Putin’s playbook.

Auntie Maxine said: “I think that there was a cooperation in developing strategy about how they could ensure that Hillary Clinton was not elected.”

When asked if she had an iota of proof of anything that would support what she said, any evidence at all, Maxine Waters was forced to admit no, no, there is no evidence. She has nothing but a cockamamie theory dancing around in her head, which, there’s a lot of room for it up there.

One thing, though. That crowd chant at the Trump rallies, “CNN sucks!” that was a lot of fun. And you gotta give Putin props for coming up with that one. That one I’ll take. That one I’ll endorse.

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