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RUSH: Fox News is now reporting that the vehicle that rammed a bunch of civilians in Times Square was trying to enter a pedestrian area, which is why it’s sitting at an up angle there on a metal or concrete barricade or bar of some kind. It’s the kind of thing that’s supposed to block vehicles from getting down the street. The car was going the wrong way. It’s reported that the fire department has confirmed one death, 12 other people injured. And none of this is official. I’m just saying this from the photos that I’ve been able to see here during the break. The driver is a youngish looking person of color, but the New York PD’s not saying that. They’re not talking yet.

Wall Street Journal four minutes ago: “One person dead in Times Square crash; driver identified as a 26-year-old from the Bronx with previous DWI arrests.” So the information keeps pouring in. Everybody’s gonna look, “Is it an act of terrorism? Is it an act of terrorism?” It doesn’t look like that now. (interruption) Nobody’s talking what? (interruption) No, nobody claims they’ve heard, “Allahu Akbar!” Is that what you’re asking me? (interruption) Yeah, nobody claims they’ve heard that.

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