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RUSH: So let me repeat something that I got into a little bit yesterday on the program. On May 3rd, FBI director James Comey, under oath, testified that he had not experienced any attempts to stop the FBI from doing any investigation. This week an unknown, unidentified person called a New York Times reporter and read to him a memo that supposedly Comey had written after a meeting with Trump back on Valentine’s Day where Trump hoped that the Flynn matter would not proceed further, three weeks after the FBI had cleared Flynn.

Now, I know you might have heard me say some of this yesterday, and I did. But it needs to be repeated. The FBI had cleared Flynn of any malfeasance in the phone calls that they had surveilled that Flynn had had with the Russian ambassador. Flynn had been cleared on those. There were other things, whether or not he accepted money for a speech illegally and this focus on the Logan Act, which has never been prosecuted. But, in terms of the phone call where the Russian ambassador was being surveilled by the NSA, maybe the FBI.

They desperately wanted to be able to say that Flynn had promised a quid pro quo, that he had promised the Russian ambassador that when Trump took the oath of office, that they would end the sanctions that Obama placed on the Russians and they’d welcomed back the 35 diplomats that Obama had kicked out of the country. None of that happened. The FBI cleared Flynn in that phone call. Three weeks later, Trump and Comey have dinner in the White House, and somebody calls the New York Times and says that it’s in Comey’s memo that Trump said he hoped that the Flynn matter would not proceed further.

Would just see clear to let it go. What was there to let go? After that, Comey didn’t tell anybody about this. We’re led to believe that the president attempted to obstruct justice or interfere in in the investigation, and Comey said not a word, which he is legally obligated to do. If somebody in the regime steps up and tries to interfere in your investigation, that’s obstruction of justice; you have a duty to report that to the DOJ. You don’t sit on that. But Comey didn’t report it to anybody.

Nobody knew about it ’til this anonymous source calls the New York Times and reads to them the text of the Comey memo. And so this became a frenzy, a Drive-By frenzy. They have driven around in circles for 24 hours straight stirring up dust so thick that nobody can see past their noses. The Democrats are screening “impeachment” word. They’re crashing the market, and scared to death Republicans are getting pulled into all this and asking themselves, “Is it worth defending Trump? Oh, my God! Oh, my God! We don’t want any of this! Oh, we hope…”

And so it’s all crashing in on everything. That’s pretty much it. If you want more detail, from GotNews.com: “Former FBI Director James Comey testified under Senate oath May 3rd that the Trump administration had not pressured his agency to halt any investigation for political purposes. Comey admitted that the FBI has always been free to operate without political interference –flying in the face of Democrats’ [never-ending allegations] about Russia and President Donald J. Trump…”

Comey said — under Senate oath — he had never been pressured to halt any investigation; that the FBI has always been free to operate without any White House political interference. So this is just… It’s a political witch hunt. Trump is right about that. It’s a political witch hunt by enemies within the permanent government. Many of them are in the intelligence community, but they’re everywhere. They’re at the Justice Department. They’re at the Pentagon, as we’ve discussed. They’re in the deep state. They’re all over the place. So on Wednesday, Rosenstein — number two at the DOJ, because Jeff Sessions has mistakenly recused himself from all this.

Rosenstein appointed a special counsel, former FBI director Robert Mueller, to drum up more hype about Trump’s imaginary collusion with Russia during the general election. On May 9th, Trump fired Comey, who essentially has spent 15 years shilling for the Clintons. So the point is that on May the 3rd, Comey testified… Look, how many times do I have to say this? It’s so frustrating you have to say it over and over again. Why doesn’t anybody hear this? There’s nothing here. There’s not a shred here. There’s no evidence whatsoever to even warrant this investigation. The only reason for the investigation is what the Democrats always rely on:

“Of course we have no evidence. It’s the seriousness of the charge that requires us to get to the bottom of it!” You know, the cover of an upcoming issue — the next issue of the Limbaugh Letter — is “Why Do the Losers Keep Winning?” Which is right where we are. Why do the losers keep winning? Why does it look like the losers are running the show? It’s because of who the losers are. And what it really boils down to is that you, the American people, the voters? Yu’re way down the chain in terms of things and people that matter, as are elections.


RUSH: No, the Comey testimony was under questioning from a senator from Hawaii by the name of Mazie Hirono — or Hirono. I’m not sure how she pronounces it. It was cut… Do you realize this memo is why we have a special counsel? The reason I’m harping on this is when you boil everything down, this imaginary memo… Well, it may not be imaginary, but the New York Times has not seen it. Somebody just called them, somebody anonymous, and said, “Hey, I’ve got a memo from Comey. You want to hear some of it?” “Yeah, yeah! What’s it say?”

“‘Well, I had dinner with Trump and Trump said, ‘Can’t you just see your way to letting it go?'” Bammo! Write a story: “Trump interferes!” But you go to Comey testimony, twice, most recently on May the 3rd, no evidence ever to suggest that he was interfered with. The president never once asked him to stop. The president’s never interfered in the investigation. He said this under oath. Comey never made that memo public.

One memo! Fake news, essentially. It’s undocumented. It’s anonymously sourced. The memo’s not even ever been seen. It was read to them, and this has caused everybody to panic! What “might be” is causing everybody to panic, but what everybody knows that contradicts what “might be” is being ignored.

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