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RUSH: You have to hear this sound bite. This is yesterday afternoon. Wolf Blitzer. CNN Situation Room. He has Dianne Feinstein on there. Big time Democrat senator. Senate Intelligence Committee and all that. And Wolf is talking to her about the Russians and evidence.

WOLF: Do you have evidence that there was in, in fact, collusion between Trump associates and Russia during the campaign?

DIFI: Not at this time.

WOLF: Well, that’s pretty — a pretty precise answer. I know the investigation is continuing. Uh, Senator, thanks so much for joining us.

DIFI: Thank you.

RUSH: “Not at this time.” That’s been their answer for a year and a half, folks! (laughing) “Not at this time.” Wolf says, “Oh, God. You sound too certain! Well, the investigation is ongoing, right? You’re still going to find something maybe, right? Thank you. Thank you.” “Any evidence yet?” No. “Not at this time.” (interruption) They did! (laughing) They both sounded in shock. She sounded in shock with her own answer. He sounded shocked to hear her answer.

Hillary has come up with yet another reason why she lost the election. It runs from the Russians and Comey, and now Hillary Clinton has begun criticizing the 2016 debate moderators for not asking Trump any questions about job creation. I’m not making this up. This is the Washington Free Beacon: “Hillary Clinton criticized 2016 debate moderators on Tuesday for not asking … Trump questions about job creation. Clinton’s criticism was false because Trump was asked about job creation twice during two different debates by moderators Chris Wallace and Lester Holt, according to [the left-wing] FactCheck.org.”

What is she talking about? (impression) “Yeah, I lost! You know why? Because they didn’t ask Trump about job creation!” What? If they asked Trump about job creation, you would have somehow won? The woman’s not there, folks. The elevator is not going to the top floor. She’s an order of fries short of a Happy Meal here. This is… This is not pretty. It’s getting worse.

To the phones! We start in Rumson, New Jersey. Christine, welcome. Great to have you with us. How are you?

CALLER: Oh, what a pleasure, Rush, to speak with you. I’m calling regarding Comey testifying yesterday. As an American, it was such an insult for him to claim that Huma somehow forwarded thousands of classified emails to a pervert so that he could print them out and that was not a crime, because —

RUSH: No, because they couldn’t find any intent, you see?

CALLER: Exactly! And Cruz… You could see they were just flabbergasted with these responses. And Cruz tried to explain to him, intent had nothing to do with the statutes. And it just… I have a theory, and I’ve heard this before, but I firmly believe that roads lead to the Messiah — and that is Barack Hussein Obama.

RUSH: How so?

CALLER: Because if it was ever shown that emails from him were sent to Hillary and the email address was not dot-gov, well, then he’s implicated.

RUSH: Well, he’s already implicated because he’s admitted to sending emails to her private server.

CALLER: Exactly!

RUSH: He knew. He knew it. I mean, he knew that she had one, and she wasn’t the only one that had one. I mean, it’s been revealed now that Obama was spying on thousands of American people via the NSA. That story is not at the top of the Stack today because health care is dominant. But I will get to it before the program ends. But this whole Comey thing, folks, I’ll tell you what you can trace this back to is that July 5th press conference. You remember we were all watching it at bated breath because this was not done?

We don’t get status reports on investigations like this. The FBI never, ever details an ongoing investigation, particularly one where there will be no charges. We never hear about it! So this press conference that Comey did, it had two parts. The first part was almost a list of charges. It was a recitation of the crimes that she committed. I remember watching it, thinking, “Oh, my God, where is this headed? Is this going where I think? (sputtering)” And then the last half of it, maybe a little less, was the exoneration, where, “We couldn’t find any intent. No reasonable prosecutor would ever bring charges,” which is bogus. So why did this happen?

Well, Comey said it happened because Loretta Lynch let [Bill] Clinton come on board her plane on the tarmac in Phoenix. That threw the investigation over to him, and he felt duty-bound — because she had done that — to bring people up to speed because it was so relevant and important in an election. But he ultimately said, “I’m not going to be the guy who brings charges against one of the candidates running for president. I’m not doing that.” He didn’t say that. That was our analysis of this. And he then announced that the case was closed.

“There was nothing here. Nothing there. Sorry, we…” Everybody was speculating. Remember some people thought, “You know, he did this because he can’t charge because Obama won’t let him charge. So he took the occasion to go out there and tell the American people of the crimes that she’s committed, because he’ll let the voters be the jury.” Remember that analysis? Well, then we go forward to October 28th, and Comey goes to Congress, and he reveals that they found a bunch of classified emails to Huma that ended up on a computer of Weiner, Danger. Carlos Danger.

“And we’re going to look into these. We’re going to find out if there’s classified data going back and forth,” and then, after a few days, “Nothing to see here! Didn’t happen.” Yesterday, Comey says (sobbing), “I’m nauseated! I’m so disconcerted, so upset! I can’t believe I had anything to do with this! Oh, jeez! I felt bad! I was going to throw up!” Hillary is now saying that appearance to Congress is what did her in. It’s absurd. It’s absurd. What did her in was the July 5th… What did her in was she’s a lousy candidate. What did her in was she’s the one trafficking with an illegal server, and none of this would have happened if she had not been doing that!


RUSH: So let me get this straight: Comey can tell us who Putin wanted and who Putin didn’t like. He can ascertain Putin’s motivates. But he can’t tell us whether or not Hillary intended to do anything. Does that make sense? Not to me.

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