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RUSH: How many of you know who Stephen Hawking is? Most of you, right? He’s supposedly the smartest man on earth, wicked smart, astrophysicist. He has a strain of ALS that’s not fatal, but he’s confined to a wheelchair. Can’t speak. But he is hailed as the most brilliant physicist and scientist that we have among us this side of Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Now, we had a caller yesterday who was making the point to me, “Rush, you’re underselling the stress that Millennials have. You’re forgetting what they hear every day.” And she had a great point, that Millennials, since they’ve been in K school, have been scared to death every day. This is gonna kill ’em, that’s gonna kill ’em, what they eat, what they drink, where they walk, where they go, Republicans, conservatives gonna kill ’em, climate change is gonna kill ’em.

The story was about how they’re losing their hair at age 18 and 20, going bald because of the stress and the pressure. And I had to agree, she had a point. And I reminded her she was so right that all these Millennials, or many of them, really do believe the planet’s gonna be destroyed by climate change before they’re 65. That’s why this Hawking story is really relevant, but I have to take a break. I’ll give you details we get back.


RUSH: So here’s the upshot of it. Stephen Hawking has said again that human beings will need to colonize another planet within 100 years to ensure our survival. He made a new documentary, Expedition New Earth is part of the BBC’s new science season Tomorrow’s World. And in it he claims time is running out for earth, and if humanity is to survive climate change, asteroid strikes, epidemics, and overpopulation, we will need to leave our planet and venture — now, I’m just here to tell that this is cockamamie.

But the problem with this is that when you have a generation that’s already primed to believe this, it’s just gonna add even more fear. They’re gonna buy this hook, line, and sinker. It’s going to cement in their minds and hearts that the planet’s being destroyed by what? What is killing the planet? If you boil it all down, what’s killing the planet is the United States of America. It is progress. It is enhanced living standards. It is prolonged life expectancy. It is innovation and technology.

All of this progress is threatening the human race. It doesn’t make any sense. He says this with certitude. Notice all of these predictions, all of these dire consequences are made so far out, none of us will be alive to know whether Hawking’s right or wrong. We’re just gonna rely on the fact that he’s right because he’s so smart, Mr. Limbaugh. This is not the first time for him, either. This is irresponsible BS. Algore told us back in 1990-something, we had ten years or we’d be cooked. I’m not making it up. He did.

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