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RUSH: Donald Trump has proposed comprehensive income tax reform, massive tax cuts. And of course the opponents are out in droves saying it’s a disaster, it won’t work, it’s a tax cut for the rich, it’s not gonna help the middle class, it’s not gonna help anybody.

Matthew Dowd, token conservative at ABC News (used to work for George W. Bush by the way) said there’s no evidence that cutting taxes benefits the middle class.

Well, try this, folks. From 1982-1989 real middle class incomes grew by 12.6%. What was happening between ’82-’89? Reagan was president. There were two massive tax cuts, 12.6% income increase.  In 2000 it happened again, early 2000’s. The Bush tax cuts resulted in per capita real after-tax income rising by over 11%.

Now get this statistic. Middle class income grew by 36% from 1979-2007. Now, let’s see. Jimmy Carter leaves, Reagan takes office, creates a boon that lasts all the way through Clinton and then the George Bush tax cuts.

Tax cuts help everybody, especially the middle class. Don’t believe anybody who says otherwise, because the facts do not lie.


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