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RUSH: President Trump received an exceptionally warm reception in traditionally Democrat territory. It was the 2017 legislative conference for North America’s Building Trades Unions.

The president began by giving shout-outs to construction trades, like pipe fitters, plumbers, cement masons, and electricians. They cheered when he said they were “the backbone of America” and that “together we’re going to rebuild the country.” They cheered when he told them that with the talent in that room, they could build any city, any time, better than anyone.

Trump held up a gigantic poster showing all the permits needed just to build a highway today. He said the process could take ten years and that’s why he’s getting rid of many of those regulations. He said, “We’re a nation of builders and it’s about time we had a builder in the White House.” He promised his door would always be open to labor unions.

Now, contrast that to the last eight years. Not a single member of the Obama administration knew or even knows how to build anything, except more government. I’m not exaggerating. Not a single one in Obama’s orbit had any actual experience in the private sector.

Trump’s speech was a massive shot across the bow to Democrats and they know it. Because if they lose the union vote, and they lose some union money, then they lose their party.  Do not doubt me. Don’t ever doubt me, folks.

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