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Apr 3, 2017


“This is not the nominee that you want to force the nuclear option on. Because once the nuclear option is pulled, it’s pulled. And once the rule is changed, it’s changed. It’s not changed per nominee. It’s changed. And if they force this, then all they’re gonna need in future Supreme Court nominees is 51 votes.”

“This story is not Trump and the Russians. The story is the surveillance that the Obama administration was engaging in of Trump and who knows who else.”


“So it’s in the Stack of Stuff over here that I call the Holdover Stack. At the end of every program I go through everything I didn’t get to, and if I think it’s got value for the next day or another day, I put it in the Holdover Stack, and then I go through the Holdover Stack about 15 minutes before show time just to see what’s there.”

“Trump could nominate somebody they literally despise, somebody that could be the most outrageous choice in the world, and they’re not gonna be able to stop that nominee if they force McConnell to pull the nuclear option.”


Here are some of the places I go to prepare for the show:





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