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RUSH: California drivers already pay higher taxes than almost anybody else in the country and they’re going to get hit again.

Democrats in California plan to spend 52 billion dollars on roads and infrastructure. And to pay for it the Democrats in the legislature and the governor, what do you think they’re going to do?  They’re going to raise taxes, 12-cents-per-gallon on gasoline, on top of what people are paying now. Diesel drivers, 20-cents-per-gallon. And if you drive an electric car to save the planet, guess what? You get hit with a 100-dollar fee as your clean energy contribution.

Other California voters are going to find out about other fees when you get walloped with them.

The few Republicans left in the state, they’re objecting but they have no political power, so they may as well go out and play golf, they can’t stop it. The unions, the construction industry who are going to build all this new infrastructure, they’re in bed with the Democrats, they’re beside themselves with glee. They’re going to hit the jackpot once this thing passes, which it will because it’s a one-party state.

Now, all of these higher taxes are going to hurt business, hurt low-income families, increase the cost of goods and services, people’s standard of living is going to plummet. Nothing’s new, it’s California. You keep electing liberals and higher taxes and a lower standard of living is just the way of life.

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