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RUSH: Here’s Gerald on the Big Island of Hawaii. Great to have you with us, sir. How you doing?

CALLER: Aloha, Rush. I’ll get right to it. I don’t have much time, Snerdley told me. We’re gonna change the name of the Democratic Party to the Death Party. You’re the communicator-in-chief to get the word across. They’re killing babies. They’re killing Americans in the womb with pills and knives. They’re killing people. They’re killing old people with pills and euthanasia. I’m a 75-year-old veteran. They’re killing people with their love affair of ICE and freezing people to death all over the country with their global warming. They’re killing people in the little small cars they put ’em in. They’re killing our military by disarming it and putting women in combat. They’re killing cops by flying ’em like bacon. They’re killing people by legalizing drugs. They’re killing the feel of freedom that you speak about so often, fossil fuel. I’m gonna tell you how to get off of fossil fuel tomorrow, Rush. I hate to be talking so fast.

RUSH: No, you’re very cognizant of our vanishing window here of time. You’re doing great here. You just left out the polar bears. They’re killing the polar bears.

CALLER: Well, they’re killing people. I’m saying they’re killing Americans. Stop calling fossil fuel fossil fuel. It isn’t a fossil fuel. Read your own… Black gold, stranglehold, it’s a renewal energy, it’s clean, it’s safe. Quit lying. They’re trying to kill our president. They’re killing the family with all their deviant two mommies, two daddies. They were told by Johns Hopkins the transsexual is a counterfeit, an impersonator of a gender. It’s not a gender. They’re killing our freedom. We don’t have the right to do anything here in Hawaii. Our judge over here tried to kill everybody in my subdivision, their homes, by putting Pele above Christianity. There’s no end. My only question for you, my friend, is one time I’d like to send you a gift, four of my good books out of the 12, I’d like to play golf with you when you come to Hawaii.

RUSH: Oh, you would, eh?

CALLER: Yes, I had a heart attack on the golf course here at the Muni on the Hilo side. I’m 75 years — if I hadn’t had the heart attack there I’d be dead.

RUSH: Does it stop raining long enough on the Hilo side to —

CALLER: Oh, yeah, it’s been beautiful for weeks. Beautiful. I wouldn’t let you play Hilo Muni. I mean, it’s an okay course. I put out a golf challenge that if anybody in the state could beat me in a round of golf at Muni, I’d give them a thousand dollars, and that includes every pro.

RUSH: Wow. Look, that’s quite a challenge. Look, I doubt that it would be hard to find you next time I’m on the Big Island. Just gotta ask for the guy who thinks we’re all being killed, and I’m sure you’re known that way. You know, he says that persuasively. He doesn’t mean murdered. He means the culture is being killed, all this stuff. And I guarantee you there are a lot of people in the audience who go, “That’s right — I never looked at it that way.” I appreciate the call, Gerald, very much.

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