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RUSH: Here’s Roe in Bonita Springs, Florida. It’s great to have you on the program. Hi.

CALLER: Rush, I think I’ve become one of those Trump supporters that you keep speaking of, and I essentially am completely immune to any bad news about Trump. You know, for hundreds of days since Trump came on the scene, every day I wake up to Trump lost a debate, he insulted media, he insulted Megyn Kelly, he’s not acting presidential. It’s always something new. So as the Doctor of Democracy, I’m gonna ask if you can make a diagnosis for me, and I’m gonna tell you, this is my worst symptom, and I’m being a hundred percent honest. My wife thinks I’m nuts. But I stay up at night and watch 2016 election night TV coverage reruns on YouTube —

RUSH: No, no. I think that’s wonderfully therapeutic.

CALLER: I can’t stop. And, you know, the other thing, there was some celebrity, I can’t remember who it was, was complaining that Trump would make her put on weight —

RUSH: That was Barbra Streisand, claimed that Trump was making her gain weight.

CALLER: Yeah. And for me, every time I watch these reruns, I grab a little adult beverage and it’s like celebrating all over again.

RUSH: Oh, it’s funny as hell. I’ve advocated that people take some time to do it. You can find the coverage on YouTube, and I’ve told people, you know, start about seven o’clock, and you’ll see everybody begin to change at nine. That’s when it begins to creep over them that something’s wrong. And you go from a party-like atmosphere of just practically uncontrollable joy to disbelief and panic inside of two hours. It is fascinating to watch it again. And it explains why we’re where we are now. They still haven’t come to grips. They don’t think they’ve awakened from the bad dream yet.

CALLER: Yeah, Rush, I think if you don’t understand the Trump rally phenomenon, you didn’t understand the election. And I think the Trump supporter who refuses to give in no matter how much pressure about all these little things, people don’t understand that this baseline of 35 to 38%, it doesn’t matter —

RUSH: They don’t. Roe, you’re right on the money. The very people we’re talking about do not understand. They don’t understand the loyalty. They don’t understand the connection that Trump made with voters. And they never will understand it.


RUSH: Because they don’t understand an actively engaged population. They think of the population as slavishly following loyal Democrat leaders. It totally, totally escapes them. But, look, something’s gonna happen, I guarantee you Trump’s gonna do something sometime — three years, four years, two years — that even you and other Trump supporters are gonna go, “Ohhh, no.” Do you have any idea what that might be? It’s gonna happen at one point or another.

CALLER: No. That was one of the questions I wanted to ask you is how will I know? Because I see myself as, you know, I’m analytical and logical thinking —

RUSH: Well, I’ll tell you how you’ll know. It will be the first time — and it may never happen, but if it does, it will be the first time you begin wondering if maybe — I’m out of time. Ah, darn it.


RUSH: What I was gonna say is, “If Trump does a 180 on something that you completely believed him on, then…” Look, it may not happen. I’m just thinking law of averages that something within the four-year Trump term… There has to be one example of ardent, undying Trump supporters having questions about something. I don’t think they’re gonna abandon him over that one thing. But it’s… Washington’s a strange place. I hope I’m wrong about it. But we… I’m just commenting on law of averages.

I think the bond between — and he accurately described it — the 35 to 36% of the voting public that is the Trump base is solid, and there’s nothing the media can do to break it. There’s nothing. There’s not a single thing they can do. They ought to know this by now. If that Access Hollywood video wasn’t gonna do it and if the McCain comments and if some of the other things, there’s nothing the media can do to break that bond between Trump and the 35, 36, maybe 40% of the voting public that’s inexorably tied to him. But it’s not something they’re gonna believe. They live to break politicians. They live to destroy them.

So they’re not gonna stop trying to break that bond. That’s what they’re doing now, among all the other things. Trying to get Trump impeached, trying to get this Russia stuff hung around his neck. They are never gonna give that up, either. But don’t doubt me; they are doing everything they can to split up you Trump supporters from Trump. And, as I have told you everybody, only Trump can do that. The media didn’t make Trump and, as I repeatedly say, they can’t bust him.

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