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RUSH: We’ll start in Los Angeles with — is it “angel” or “an-hel”?

CALLER: It’s Angel.

RUSH: Great to have you with us. I need to ask you, let me see what you want —

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: — you go ahead and talk to me about what you called about, then I gotta ask you a question about Mayor Garcetti.

CALLER: Okay. Well, I am calling because I wanted to thank you very much for being on the air. You are absolutely correct on all the points about the left, how they try to attack our president and how the Republicans are so divided with so many caucuses, so many organizations. You know, the Democrats would rally around a baloney sandwich and discuss whether or not to add mustard or relish, and they would pass that immediately. But our guys are sitting around, laying around, not helping our president, not backing him up. They’re all sitting quietly.

RUSH: Just one thing. Democrats don’t do baloney sandwiches. They do excrement sandwiches, and it’s mayonnaise and mustard, but you’re right on —

CALLER: So that’s my point. I have been hitting —

RUSH: Well, you know, I agree with you. I made the point last — the Democrats basically have one little group there, the Congressional Black Caucasians. And then the rest of the caucus. But they’re unified. There is no liberal caucus. There is no moderate caucus. There is no Wednesday afternoon, Thursday morning group on the Democrat side. They’re all cut-and-dried, extreme leftists, and they unify around a single thing each and every day, destroying Republicans.

The Republicans on the other hand have all these different caucuses, got the moderates, got the independents, got the conservatives, got the RINOs, and people say, “That’s great, Rush, ’cause a big tent there. That means the Republican Party’s open to many divergent points of view.” Maybe so. But when it comes to unifying around a premise even if it is to support the president, it doesn’t happen. People look at it and see pros and cons to it. I get your drift on this. It’s frustrating. It is, because you and I realize this is political war. You don’t hear the Democrats talking about working with us. You don’t hear them talk about reaching across the aisle to get what they want done. All they want to do is wipe us out and smother us, suffocate us.

Now, time is running out. I need to ask you, the news out of Los Angeles today, Mayor Garcetti is so mad at Trump and ICE. They’re gonna withhold funds for cities that have sanctuary city status, that they’re gonna send ICE in there to round up even more illegals and deport ’em. And Garcetti said screw you, you come and you try it, you’re not gonna get in here, we don’t care. You cannot change and enforce federal law on us. Los Angeles is going to remain a haven and a home for illegal aliens and refugees. And, by the way, you citizens are gonna pay for it. That’s the message from Mayor Garcetti. Have you heard about this?

CALLER: Yes, I have. Yeah. They’ve got billboards everywhere with Obama and him palling around together.

RUSH: Yeah, exactly. I mean, you know this Calexit business? That’s another thing, artificial intense, when you hear Calexit, California seceding, your immediate reaction is, come on, get real. I’ve come around to thinking I’d like to see it. Let it happen. I’m dead serious. If California wants to secede, I might join the effort to support it. I’ll tell you why when we get back.


RUSH: Very quickly, how many electoral votes does California have? Fifty-five. If they secede, they don’t even participate in presidential elections, Democrats lose 55 electoral votes and an automatic lock on the presidency, they lose it. So let California secede, as far as I’m concerned, the best thing we could do to save the rest of America.


RUSH: Imagine a presidential election without California’s 55 electoral votes. That’s why it’s never gonna happen. That’s why California’s never gonna secede. The Democrat Party’s never gonna let it. The Democrat Party wouldn’t dare let it, 55 electoral votes? That changes everything. Totally changes everything. There’s another reason. California doesn’t have any water of its own if it doesn’t snow in the Sierra.

LA is a desert. If they can’t cajole, purchase, or convince people to share water with them, they’re parched. Well, it’s the truth. You know, when I lived in Sacramento, that was an ongoing joke between people that live in the northern half the state and the southern half. The northern half of California’s always reminding Los Angelinos, you think you’re better than us but without us you got no water. You dry up and you’re gone. Major source of water in Los Angeles, what is it? Colorado River. Exactly right. Where’s the Colorado River? Well, it’s not in Los Angeles, I’ll tell you that.

The primary source for water in San Francisco is Hetch Hetchy, which is an aquifer, which is underneath there. In their usual drought years, if California is its own nation, they have to fight their own wars. Somebody could decide to invade California. What if the North Koreans wanted to invade California? California would have to come up with its own defense. You think the U.S., you think Trump would help defend California?

These are all academic questions, ’cause it’s never gonna happen because of the 55 electoral votes and all the fundraising. Hell, what percentage do you think of total Democrat fundraising comes from San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and Los Angeles? They’re never gonna do anything that will result in California being — I mean, I guess you can have foreign contributions from a foreign country, launder the money through China, Charlie Trie’s Chinese restaurant chain like the Clintons did. But it’ll never happen, for the water reasons and for the electoral vote reasons and the campaign donations and contributions of money reasons. But nevertheless, there are some Californians so freaked out over Trump winning that they’re flirting with it.


RUSH:  Los Angeles Unified School District provides more funding for schools where the white population is below 30%.  So what do you think’s happening?  White population below 30%, LA Unified School District, the district gets more money.  And there’s a school in north Hollywood where it’s shown as an example.

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