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RUSH: So the FBI director James Comey going on and on and on and on and on about the Russians undermining faith in our elections, that that’s what the Russians want to do. It may be so. I can remember when Teddy Kennedy worked with the Soviets to undermine the 1984 Reagan campaign. Now, you might think that’s not relevant, that’s so long ago and it’s not the same Russia as the Russia we’re talking about today, but it’s highly relevant, folks, because the Democrats have not changed who they are.

You know, I’ll bet if the truth of this were known — ’cause we know that there has been collusion between Obama and the Russians. We know that by way of the open mic that caught Obama’s comment to Dmitry Medvedev just before the 2012 election. Obama was telling Putin that we’re going to be getting rid of additional nuclear missiles but he had his hands tied at the moment, but he said to Medvedev, “Tell Vladimir that I’ll have a little bit more flexibility after the election.” There’s been collusion with the Clinton campaign and the Russians. Bill Clinton working with some guy in Canada to end up profiting from the sale of a portion of the U.S. uranium supply to one of the Russian satellite countries.

I really think that when the truth of this is ever known, if it ever is, that it’s gonna be the exact opposite of what this narrative is. That any collusion, any suspected alliances that have existed here are gonna be between the Democrats and the Russians and not Trump. The FBI director wringing his hands talking about the Russians undermining faith in our elections. What is this today if nothing but undermining faith in our election? In fact, isn’t that the Democrat Party objective? It seems to me that the Democrat Party objective is to undermine faith in our election, specifically and head on.

The Democrat Party and their media acolytes are trying to make everybody think that the election last December was fraudulent all because they cannot deal with the fact that Hillary Clinton was conspired against. The evidence is clear. Large majorities of Americans in 31 states did conspire against Hillary Clinton. It’s called voting. They didn’t vote for her. Thirty-one states voted for Donald Trump. We don’t need the Russians helping to do that. Hillary did that all on her own.

This is what, to me, underlines this whole thing. Hillary Clinton lost the election because she deserved to lose the election. She did not run a good campaign. She ran an arrogant and condescending campaign. She ran a campaign that was steeped in presumption that she was going to win, and it was even beneath her to have to travel to states that the Democrats all thought were automatic. They didn’t even have to worry about it. They had it in the bag. Even up to nine o’clock on election night, they still thought Hillary Clinton was gonna win this. You go back and look at reruns of election night.

By the way, if you ever have some time and you want to actually enjoy yourself, go back and replay, pick any network — ABC, CBS, NBC, you can do this on YouTube — and watch election night coverage again. You know, start about seven o’clock. Six if you want to. Just watch it. And you’ll see smiles, pre-celebrations, happiness, everything but the popping of champagne corks. And then nine o’clock, 9:30, no matter what network you look at, there was a detectable and sudden change in attitude and opinion, and fear began to creep in, including on Fox.

I was watching Fox that night, and Chris Wallace sometime between nine and 9:15 was looking at up at their giant tote board up there. He said, “Gang, I think we need to be paying attention to something here. As I see it up there, it looks like, dare I say this…” He hemmed and hawed, he was not comfortable saying it, but it was undeniable. “Look at what we’ve got right now. Donald Trump, you can see how he could win this.” And from that moment forward it all changed. And if you have time to watch it all the way up to 2:30 or three in the morning, there’s an hour and a half where literally not a single vote was reported.

The tallies in all of these states that were still out, for an hour and a half, it’s like they stopped counting, it’s like they stopped reporting. I asked somebody what was going on. I called the Russian ambassador. I said, “What are they doing here?” (laughing) Snerdley, “Don’t say that, they’re gonna believe you.” No, I called somebody who has experience, I said, “What’s going on here?”

He said, “They’re looking for votes for Hillary.”

I said, “Who is ‘they’?”

He said, “Democrat election lawyers and precinct bosses are trying to find a way to report votes for Hillary in these states where she needs them.” And he said it doesn’t look like they’re gonna be able to. And they weren’t able to because they weren’t there. Hillary Clinton lost the election. We didn’t need the Russians help. She sabotaged herself by being who she is. Her campaign sabotaged itself by being what it was. And the evidence from election night is abundant. Millions of Americans conspired to influence the outcome of elections, and there’s evidence all over the place for it. It’s called votes!

Unlike these giant, wild assumptions that the Democrats and Comey are making about Russia doing it, the simple fact of the matter is all the evidence you need are the votes, and they were cast, and they were counted. And for an hour and a half around midnight everybody went dark while they went looking for phantom votes, and they couldn’t find enough, and that was that. And from that moment on a creeping insanity has infected the Democrat Party and the Washington establishment.

Grab audio sound bite number 23. This is Mike Rogers and FBI Director James Comey. Devin Nunes, who is the committee chairman here, California, asking the questions. “As of today, Admiral Rogers, do you have any evidence that Russia cyber actors changed vote tallies in the state of Michigan?”

ROGERS: No, I do not, but I would highlight we are an intelligence organization, not a domestic intelligence organization, so it would be fair to say we are probably not the best organization to provide a more complete answer.

NUNES: How about the state of Pennsylvania?

ROGERS: No, sir.

NUNES: The state of Wisconsin?

ROGERS: No, sir.

NUNES: State of Florida?

ROGERS: No, sir.

RUSH: State of North Carolina?

ROGERS: No, sir.

NUNES: The state of Ohio?

ROGERS: No, sir.

NUNES: So you have no intelligence that suggests or evidence that suggests any votes were changed?

ROGERS: I have nothing generated by the National Security Agency, sir.

NUNES: Director Comey, do you have any evidence at the FBI that any votes were changed in the states that I mentioned to Admiral Rogers?


RUSH: That’s the news of the hearing. You probably will not hear that if all you do is access the Drive-By Media, but that’s the news of the hearing. I mean, they’re tampering with the election, right? They’re looking for evidence that Russia colluded with Trump on the election, right? Well, they can’t find anywhere votes were cast and they can’t find anywhere votes were counted, what else is there? “Well, Mr. Limbaugh, Mr. Limbaugh, the Russians hacked Podesta’s computer and they had all that news out there that was very, very bad.”

Well, these guys were asked about that. Would you believe that Adam Schiff or one of his lackeys on the Democrat side literally asked Comey if he thought that the Podesta emails could have resulted in votes for Trump? And Comey said, “I have no idea. How could we analyze something like that?” No, was the answer. So, yeah, 31 states had lots of voters conspiring, working in collusion to defeat Hillary Clinton, and it happened. The Russians had nothing to do — according to the gods of the intelligence community — the Russians had nothing to do with the election in terms of votes in any way.

That just further emphasizes what this today is really all about. So here’s the things to look for. Here are the things to look for, because I’ll tell you what the objective of this is, just to repeat it very quickly, we’ll take a break, come back with your phone calls. The objective here is, I say one of two things, there could be more. But the first thing is, “Okay, Trump, you gonna get the message, stand down, stop all this draining of the swamp, stop all this Obamacare stuff, stop all this stuff you’re doing on trade, just stop all this stuff and go back to governing the way we want you to govern or we’re gonna impeach you.”

Because that’s what this is about. This is all about furthering the delegitimization of the entire Trump presidency, even though there’s no evidence that it’s illegitimate in any way, shape, manner, or form. There’s none. There is literally none. That’s what makes this so Twilight Zone-ish. And again, if there’s any undermining of American elections, it’s happening today on Capitol Hill as part of this committee hearing.


RUSH: We’re gonna start on the phones in San Antonio, Texas. This is Mike. I’m glad you called, sir. Great to have you. How you doing?

CALLER: Hey, mega retired Air Force dittos, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you very much, sir.

CALLER: Hey, if Hillary had won this election, the Democrats would be laughing — laughing — at the notion of the Russians somehow undermine or election, much less have an impact on national security. There’d be no interest in this. There’d be no hearings. There’d be no discussions. And if the Republicans called for one, the Democrats would be accusing of some kind of a witch hunt to undermine President Clinton’s presidency.

RUSH: The Russians… You know, this is a great point. The Republicans would have never even brought this up. In fact, Comey said that… Let’s break this down. Comey said today that their investigation of the Russians trying to influence the election began in July. Now, the Republican convention was in July. So it could be that what Comey is saying is that the investigation began after Trump got the nomination; or it could be that the investigation began beforehand, before Trump got the nomination. Who started this? That’s the thing I want to know. Who got this investigation going? Whose idea was this?


RUSH: But, you know, here’s the thing — the point that you make — that is really good. Had Hillary won the election, the story is out there that the Russians had hacked. We know this, and that’s the point that you made. It was out there. Comey says they started in July. The media had stories going on this through the summer, and all of this was designed to influence people into not voting for Trump. It was all about the influence that Russia had with Trump because Trump was out saying good things about Putin.

And remember Trump told the joke about maybe the Russians could find Hillary’s missing emails. So they began this to defeat Trump at the ballot box. It didn’t work. If Hillary had won, you’re right. That would have been the last anybody heard about this. There wouldn’t have been anybody in Washington worried that the Russians were trying to tamper with our elections and undermine them. Not a single syllable would have been uttered by this if she had won.

CALLER: Well, Rush, do you remember about three weeks before the election Obama was criticizing Trump for even bringing up the idea that the Russians had some influence? In fact, he told Trump, “I suggest you get out there and start campaigning for president (unintelligible) the election.”

RUSH: Yeah. I remember that. We’ve mentioned that two or three times here. Obama back in March of 2016 — a year ago when this came up — said it was ridiculous, that there’s no way that the Russians could tamper with our elections because they’re too widespread. They’re not localized enough. You wouldn’t know where to go. You wouldn’t know what to do. You wouldn’t know who to try to influence in any way. He said it was impossible. And then when Trump started complaining about things, Obama said, “Grow up. Grow a pair. You know, instead of complaining about things, go out there and just start campaigning.”


RUSH: That’s why I think that what’s being done today has a greater chance of undermining faith in our elections than whatever the Russians did because there isn’t any evidence the Russians did anything. Mike, I appreciate the call very much.


RUSH: Fred in St. Louis. You’re next. It’s great to have you on the program, Fred. How you doing?

CALLER: I’m fine. Rush, let’s just take a look at the 2% of the time where you’re completely and utterly wrong. Your hypocrisy is kind of amazing. You’re so upset, and I sense even scared, that this investigation is taking place. You’re kind of scared as to what they might find, and it’s just starting. It may be going on for a couple months, but the investigation is just starting. You weren’t as upset when Clinton was being investigated for the Benghazi incident. You wanted a full investigation for that, didn’t you?

RUSH: Yeah, there’s all kinds of evidence there that she —

CALLER: Oh. Oh. Oh. (crosstalk)

RUSH: — dereliction of duty and —

CALLER: What is the evidence?

RUSH: — four people died in Benghazi. Is this the best you’ve got, to sit here and claim that I was interested in getting to the truth about Benghazi, where four Americans died because of the incompetence and laziness of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, who was off the grid during the whole time, we couldn’t even find him, and you think because I wanted to get to the bottom of that, I don’t want to get to the — the reason, there’s no bottom here, Fred. The problem with this is there is no bottom.

You just said the investigation just began, and you don’t know that. If we’ve been reading the media, this investigation has been going on since even before Trump was nominated. Comey said today this investigation has been going on since last July, Fred, old buddy, old pal. This is a hell of a long time to have no evidence whatsoever. There’s no bottom to get to here.

And I’m not scared, Fred. I don’t do scared. I am pissed, Fred. Because people like you are the targets. Your expectations, coupled with your naivete and bigoted partisanship, is what is stoking the fires of this, because the Democrats are just hell-bent on feeding you something so you won’t abandon them as ineffective and incompetent. They clearly couldn’t win the election. Trump did, and nobody on your side can come to grips with it. That’s the story.

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