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RUSH: Just when we thought investigative journalism was dead, the Washington Post brings us back to the Woodward and Bernstein glory days. This is sure to shake up Washington.

It’s a full-fledged hold-the-presses scandal. Headline: “Big Candy Is Lobbying the Trump Administration. It’s Also Holding Events at Trump Hotels.”

Really? Big Candy?

My friends, there’s no doubt about the veracity of this report. It’s not fake news. Last week, candymakers from all over America held a conference at Trump’s Doral property in South Florida near Miami. On the schedule: a lobbying strategy session in the Ivanka Trump ballroom. Even worse: a dessert networking event inside the Donald J. Trump grand patio.

This may seem all sweetness-and-light on the outside, but on the inside, the candy corruption just oozes. In between meetings, these candymakers — part of the National Confectioners Association — allowed attendees to play golf on Trump golf courses, and enjoy massages at a Trump spa.

And that’s not all. The association also booked space at the Trump International Hotel in Washington for next year, right down the street from the Trump White House. Scandalous! Worse that Watergate! It breaks the Emolument Clause of the Constitution somehow.

You can bet that even now, Democrats are writing articles of impeachment. President Trump has seduced the Candyman, Sammy Davis Jr. This cannot stand. It’s got a racial component to boot.

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