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RUSH: Have you seen the tweet from one of the organizers of the feminazi march earlier this week? Does the name Melini Stamp meaning anything to you? Melini? M-E-L-I-N-I. Nelini? N-E… Sorry, take three. N-E-L-I-N-I. It’s Nelini Stamp from the Working Families Party. It’s a communist organization. She literally tweeted out after the event, “Women birth half the population and we are half the population.” Anybody catch what’s wrong with that? I gave this to a couple people here and I said, “Just read the tweet.

Don’t read anything else. Just read the tweet. Don’t read anything above it or below it.” They read the tweet and said, “Yeah? So what?” I said, “Read it again!” And they read it again. (muttering) “Yeah, so what?” “Would you try again and really focus on it? Would you read it again?” “Okay. ‘Women birth half the population and we are half the population.'” They looked at me. “So what?” I said, “How do you…? If women are only birthing half the population, who’s birthing the other half?”

But this just sailed right by some people, and when I pointed it out, “Oh, yeah! Well, that’s crazy.” “Yeah, absolutely it’s crazy! ‘Women birth half the…'” And these are the people that claim that they have science on their side on things like climate change, global warming, and you name it. They’re idiots! “Women birth half the population and we are half the population,” and this was the justification for the march.


RUSH: So we have this tweet from this woman about the women’s march saying that women birthed half the population and we are half the population. In an accompanying tweet on the same day related to the feminazi march, Cate Blanchett, the well-known Hollywood actress, stated, quote, “My moral compass is in my vagina.” I’m trying to visualize that. “My moral compass is in my vagina.” Well, it does point left. Cate Blanchett, there you have it. The wizards of smart.

Isn’t it fascinating how we are told that all of the brilliance, advanced intelligence and genuine understanding is out there among people on the left. “Women birth half the population, and we are half the population.” And Cate Blanchett, “My moral compass is in my vagina.” Another airhead actress trying to make herself sound socially conscious, relevant, and what have you.

We live in cycles. You realize that there are some people, because of age and generational things, that are tuning into this program for the first time, maybe in the last couple years, and do not know much about my history prior to that. And I’m stunned at the number of complaints I’m getting from people who claim I hate women and I’m anti-female. How silly.

I’ve always said, “I love the women’s movement, especially when walking behind it.” And I have never understood why it is that people — you know, I hate liberalism. I’m totally opposed to liberalism. I do not like that at all.

But when it comes to women? Love women! I hate feminism. “Hate” may be an accurate word, but too strong to use. I strongly oppose feminism because it’s nothing but liberalism, and it’s doing nothing to actually advance women. It’s doing just the exact opposite.


RUSH: Diane in Palm Coast, Florida. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. I personally want to thank you for what you do because you’ve helped me and my husband keep our sanity in these insane kind of times and so, seriously, thanks so much.

RUSH: Thank you. You’re more than welcome, and I’m gratified you say that. I really am.

CALLER: Well, it’s just the truth. And I just wanted to talk to you about the feminazis. I’m a strong, independent businesswoman, and I’m in my early sixties, and I came up, you know, during the feminism thing. Even when I was in my twenties I thought they were lunatics. All they care about is abortions and their vaginas, which is kind of surprising that Cate Blanchett keeps her moral compass there ’cause it sounds a little uncomfortable, but I just don’t subscribe to anything —

RUSH: Why would a moral compass in a vagina be uncomfortable? I can’t answer this myself. I would need some —

CALLER: Well, I guess — I don’t know. I was just trying to be a smart ass, but —

RUSH: Well, you were being. That’s why I want to explain it. I love smart asses when it’s stuff I agree with.

CALLER: Well, if you have your moral compass up in your vagina and you have to sit down, it’s gonna hurt. Just trying to be funny.

RUSH: So you’re actually imagining a compass — (laughing)

CALLER: Yeah, that’s what I’m doing.

RUSH: Right. Well, that’s how some people visualize this stuff, folks, you gotta understand, a moral compass, a compass —

CALLER: You know what, it’s a ridiculous statement, all kidding aside —

RUSH: Well, which way is north?

CALLER: I guess we have to ask Cate, but I liked what you said. Hers is definitely pointing to the left, which is California, I suppose.

RUSH: Right. You’re a good sport. I am glad you called, Diane. I appreciate it. There’s a lot of women that wanted no part of this feminist movement way back in the late sixties. The modern era can be traced back to then. See, that’s the thing. They portray it as though something every woman in America is part of and believes in. And it’s not. Anyway, Diane, again, thanks much.


RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, in case you’re just joining us, the noted actress Cate Blanchett and, by the way, she’s not the first. You know, Ashley Judd has made some similarly curious comments and references. But if you’re just joining us, Cate Blanchett said that her moral compass is in her vagina. She did not say that it is her vagina. It is in there. And we had a call not long ago, a woman wanted to discuss the actual ramifications of that. I don’t think that that’s where the moral compass is. Because if the moral compass was in the vagina, it would deter the abortionist, but the moral compass in the vagina doesn’t seem to stop an abortionist, so how can it be there? Why is the moral compass never, say, in the bazoobs? I don’t know. Upper torso, okay, whatever phraseology works here.

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