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RUSH: These are not government numbers. We don’t have those yet. These are numbers that come from ADP, Automatic Data Processing. Do you know who started ADP? (interruption) Nope. Nope. That was Electronic Data Systems. ADP was The Lout, Frank Lautenberg. They do payrolls for companies. Because they do so many payrolls, they have become a great source for employment news. And they released this news yesterday. And I just want to repeat it. Trump’s first full month in office, biggest job gains in years.

“U.S. businesses added 298,000 jobs in February, the most in three years, as unseasonably warm weather boosted growth in several sectors across the labor market. Construction, mining and manufacturing –” three areas of focus of the Trumpster, “– all grew at their fastest pace in several years, pushing jobs growth above the 261,000 pace in January, according to the ADP employment report, a survey measuring private-sector hiring. ‘February proved to be an incredibly strong month for employment, with increases we have not seen in years,'” said the vice president of the ADP Research Institute.

His name is Ahu Yildirmaz. I pronounced that in one pass, in one take. Ahu Yildirmaz. “Construction added 66,000 jobs, the best showing in 11 years; manufacturing added 32,000, the most in five years; while mining, which has been gradually picking up pace in recent months after years of shedding jobs, added 8,000 positions last month.” These are real jobs. These are not part-time jobs, Obamacare jobs. These are not time-shift jobs. And, as such, these are the kind of jobs that create an economic climate people can feel.

I’ve always said you know when there’s a booming economy or not because you feel it. You don’t need to be told. You can see it, you experience it, somehow or other you know it. And we never had a sense of that with Obama, even though they kept reporting roaring job growth and declining unemployment rates and so forth, we never saw any evidence of it. And now with these real jobs being created and real work being done — I mean, construction jobs, the most in 11 years, in one month. That’s big.

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