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RUSH: Here’s Pete in Wilton, Connecticut.  Pete, I’m glad you waited, sir.  How are you?

CALLER:  I’m fine, Rush.  Thank you for taking my call.  It’s a great honor.

RUSH:  Thank you, sir.  Appreciate it.

CALLER:  The point I wanted to make, you were talking earlier about what’s going on with President Trump and the possible wiretapping of Trump Tower. And I’ve also read online that supposedly there’s a possibility that Jeff Sessions’ office was being tapped also, at least that’s what Corey Lewandowski said, but my point I wanted to make was I think that Trump should take this opportunity to turn the tables on the Dems and the libs. I don’t like their tactics, but they are effective.  And one of the things you’ve talked about in the past many times is the idea that investigations need to be done because of the seriousness of the charge.

RUSH:  Right.

CALLER:  I can’t think of anything more serious than the possibility that the presidential campaign was being wiretapped, and I would use that argument and just push the Democrats back on their heels and say, “The seriousness of the charge, we have to look.”  I mean, you could run with this for months.  That’s what I would do.

RUSH:  Trump is doing that.  So far, he doesn’t have anybody willing to join him in the investigation, ’cause most people’s reaction — can I share this with you?

CALLER:  Of course.

RUSH: The first Trump tweet was on Saturday, and I’m on the golf course Sunday, and it’s a mother-in-law convention out there.  The winds are like 35 miles an hour.  It’s just impossible.  So we started talking about things to try to distract from how poorly we were playing, and these guys — and these are, you know, my age, 50 to 55, 60, successful people, and they’re shocked at what Trump said. They think, “Oh, no, the guy’s going off his rocker, oh, my God, oh, my God.”

I tried to bring ’em back down.  I said, “No,” that’s when I hit them.  “Wait a minute, now.  What do you mean?  Is it more reasonable to think that it could be or that it isn’t?”  And so they started thinking about it the way I was thinking about it.  So I think the initial reaction of even some people on Trump’s team, “Oh, my God, you don’t say that, oh, gee.”  Because in their minds, you never win accusing Obama or the Democrats of anything.  The media’s gonna come out and destroy you.

But Trump is not everybody.  Trump doubled down on it today.  You better be applauding Donald Trump. If what you just said you want, you better be applauding Donald Trump.  Because he’s taking it — this is exactly what he’s doing out there, Pete.  He’s doing exactly what they have been doing to him.  This whole Russia-rigged-the-election thing is a bogus charge and he decided to pick the grenade up and throw it right back at the media-Democrat complex.

And it’s working.  They’re now running around like stuck pigs.  “What investigation?  He wasn’t under investigation.”  He wasn’t under investigation?  I thought the last six months — “No, no, no, there are no wiretaps on Trump.  That’s absurd.”  Well, then how do people get hold of his phone calls to these foreign leaders?  “Well, I don’t know, but he’s not under investigation.  Nobody ever said he’s under investigation.”

Katy Tur, infobabe NBC, was on Meet the Press Sunday saying there hasn’t even been a single report alleging that Trump was working with the Russians.  I looked at that.  I didn’t watch it live, I was on the way to the golf course.  I looked at it later.  I said, “Are you kidding me?”  This is the same reporter who had not heard that Obama had told the Russians to tell Vladimir to wait, he’ll be more flexible after the election.


RUSH: My point yesterday about is it reasonable to think that Obama could indeed have wiretapped Trump and his campaign, given other aspects of the investigation we’ve been hearing. We know that Trump’s under investigation. We know that some of his peeps are under investigation supposedly ’cause of collusion with the Russians. So we know there was an investigation going on.

Is it unreasonable or reasonable to think that Trump could have been wiretapped too? People were saying, “That’s outrageous! Trump’s off his rocker.” No, no. It’s entirely reasonable if everybody — and Trump’s phone calls have been transcribed and broadcast and reported in the media. So they played that segment — in fact, here it is — and they asked Newt to react to it.

RUSH ARCHIVE: There has been a sabotage effort to undermine Trump and his administration since the election. … [I]t’s totally reasonable to believe that something like this could be happening. It would be unreasonable to think that this is crazy, unreasonable to think that this is absurd, unreasonable to think that this is nothing more than a big batch of conspiracy theories stitched together for whatever purpose.

RUSH: Bill Hemmer played that for Newt Gingrich today on America’s Newsroom, and he said, “Okay, flip Limbaugh’s logic around. Is it reasonable to think that actually this is crazy?”

GINGRICH: I think if you’re a left-winger and you believe that everything Trump does is wrong, you can believe that. But if you look at the unending process of leaks — by the way, all of them breaking the law. You have a New York Times columnist actively calling on IRS agents to break the law and leak President Trump’s taxes. The left has gone crazy since the election. There’s this whole model right now that anything goes on the left, and then they want the rest of us to believe that they’re reasonable.

RUSH: Right. And then here’s Mike Pence. He was on Brian Kilmeade’s Fox News Radio show this morning, and they were talking about Trump’s tweets accusing Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower, and Pence said this…

PENCE: I think the president’s tweet speaks for itself. He’s expressed himself on it, and, you know, we’re very pleased that the congressional committees have made it clear that they will look into that matter just as they’re looking into every aspect it.

RUSH: See, this is why it’s a brilliant thing that Trump did, whether he knew it or not, ’cause it’s gonna come back and bite them. We just had a caller saying, “Look, why don’t we play the game the way they do? They say, no evidence. That means we have to investigate it. The seriousness of the charge.”

Well, you know what? You can’t get a more serious charge than a sitting president wiretapped a presidential campaign. You can’t get a more serious charge. And by the Democrats’ own definition that mandates an investigation. And Congress said they’ll do it. They’re gonna fold Trump’s allegation into the rest of this. And now the Democrats are walking it back, “There wasn’t any investigation, there wasn’t any investigation, what do you mean? Where are you getting this?”

It’s like Katy Tur, the infobabe on NBC. She’s on Meet the Press Sunday. She said she’s not aware of any news agency alleging that there was collusion between Trump and the Russians. I saw that, and I said, “What is it, does she really not know,” which is the entirely possible. I think journalists are some of the most ill-educated people. I don’t even think they’re educated. They’re indoctrinated. They know one side of things and they have no curiosity about anything else.

She’s also the infobabe who did not know that Obama was overheard on an open mic telling Dmitry Medvedev in 2012, Putin’s second in command; he’s the president of the Russian Federation, said (paraphrasing), “You tell Vladimir that I’ll have much more flexibility in getting rid of our nukes here after I’m reelected.” She didn’t know that had happened. How do you not know that? Well, NBC didn’t report it. CBS didn’t report it. ABC didn’t report it. The New York Times didn’t report it.

There’s no way she would know it. Yet it happened, and they don’t know it. And now she’s out there saying there’s no new organization that’s ever alleged collusion between Trump and the Russians. She was dead serious. And her own network is reporting that. Everybody else in the Drive-Bys is reporting that.

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