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RUSH: Did you see what CNN did yesterday? Have you seen still shots or video of this? They never did this on Obama.

They trained the camera with a zoom lens through the glass doors of the Oval Office and they got video of Steve Bannon gesticulating while he was talking. And the framing of the glass and the doors made it look like a crosshairs, made it look like they were aiming a gun at Bannon. He was squarely in where the wood and the panes of glass intersected.

And nobody could hear what was being said, and they told us, they reported that Trump was blowing his gasket in there and that Bannon was defending himself over Sessions recusing himself. They had no idea what was being discussed. They just made it up and said that Bannon was going crazy and shouting at Trump and Trump was shouting back and Kellyanne Conway was in there. And they made it all up. But the video of that is something that we’ve never seen before. Calling it the CNN spy cam.

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