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RUSH: You know, California Republicans might no longer be in the caboose.

Last month, the entire California Republican Congressional delegation made tracks to President Trump’s new Transportation Secretary, Elaine Chao. They asked her to put the brakes on a $650 million federal grant Obama had approved to supposedly upgrade Caltrain. That’s a commuter railway that runs through Silicon Valley and through Nancy Pelosi’s district.

Caltrain was gonna share tracks with a new high-speed bullet train that Governor “Moonbeam” had rammed down taxpayer’s throats at a cost of $68 billion. That project, which is supposed to connect L.A and San Francisco, is already four billion over budget and seven years behind schedule.

Republicans asked for a full audit of the grant money. They want to make sure none of the funding finds a “back-door” into Gov. Moonbeam’s boondoggle bullet train.

For the first time in years, California Republicans got a thumbs-up from the White House. The Trump Administration agreed to put Obama’s $650 million grant on hold. That’s good news for taxpayers, bad news for big-spending leftists.

And they’re beside themselves. High-tech big-shots in Silicon Valley and the state’s elected Democrats want the money, and they want it now. These same high-tech leaders did nothing but slam Trump during the campaign, and yet here they are begging him for money when they’ve got more money than anybody else in the world.

But now Caltrain has run into the Trump train and their little choo-choo is derailed, folks. You gotta love it.

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