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RUSH: Folks, global warming news. Did you hear…? I didn’t report this ’cause I knew it was bogus. Did you hear in the last two weeks that a record high temperature was set in Antarctica of 63 degrees? Well, it happens to be true, but do you know where in Antarctica that temperature was recorded? It was at Base Esperanza. Base Esperanza is very close to Tierra del Fuego. People don’t know that Antarctica extends quite a bit north. When you think Antarctic, you’re thinking the South Pole.

That’s not where it was 63 degrees. It was 63.5 degrees at a part of Antarctica very close to South America. It was not 63.5 degrees at the South Pole. It was 63 degrees. Google it or find… I don’t care what map program you use. Go find Tierra del Fuego, spelled exactly like it sounds: T-I-E-R-R-A — del — D-E-L — Fuego — F-U-E-G-O. And you’ll see on the map a sliver of white about a half-inch away (depending on the size of your map) from Tierra del Fuego, and that is Base Esperanza in Antarctica, and that’s where it was 63.5 degrees.

You’ll also note that it is not far latitudinal-ly from South America, the southern parts of South America. Now, there was a photo accompanying this earth-shattering news that it was 63.5 degrees at the South Pole, because it wasn’t. The picture — and they’re known for this kind of trickery. The picture was a couple of penguins on an anvil-shaped piece of ice in what looked like a rock-strewn, barren landscape.

The image was to convey that Antarctica was melting, that the water had evaporated because of the heat and there was only a little sliver of ice remaining, only enough room for two penguins. The picture was legit, but it was not from that area. The picture was from 2010 from a completely different part of the world, and that anvil-shaped piece of ice was Photoshopped on a rock desert that was nowhere near Antarctica.

In fact, actually the Google images, the picture was published by Reuters in 2010. January 2010. It had nothing to do with any alleged warm spell at Base Esperanza. So that picture is seven years old. It was two penguins standing atop a block of melting ice at Cape Denison in east Antarctica, January 2010. Cape Denison is over by Australia, thousands of miles away from where they wanted you to think the picture was at Base Esperanza. Have you found it, Mr. Snerdley? (interruption) You see what I’m talking about here?

I’ll bet you didn’t know that Antarctica goes that far north. You had no idea. You thought it was just a blob of ice. They’re total shysters. They’re just liars. They’re out and out fraudsters and liars. Folks, I’m gonna tell you: If the temperature in Antarctica at the South Pole was 63 degrees then, you know, we’re talking about (chuckles) circumstances elsewhere on the planet that you don’t even want to contemplate. It’s not physically possible. It was just a one-day oddity. But it’s nowhere near the South Pole is my point. Just a giant, giant — yet another example of — total fraud from the global warming crowd.

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