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RUSH: Did you hear what Trump did with Planned Parenthood? (chuckles) He offered to let Planned Parenthood keep all of their federal funding if they would stop doing abortions. (laughing) That’s all they do!

Everybody thinks that Planned Parenthood does all this great women’s health stuff. They don’t do mammograms. They don’t do anything! They do abortions, and they have “counseling” to talk women into doing abortions. So Trump comes along and says: You don’t want to lose federal funding? Fine. Stop doing abortions and I’ll give you every dime of what you’re getting. “White House Offers to Let Planned Parenthood Keep Federal Funding if it Halts Abortions.”

This is… (laughing) This is great! (laughing) I don’t know. I love it.

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