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RUSH: On February 21, California state senators honored Tom Hayden, who assumed room temperature last October. Hayden had served in the California Senate from 1992 until 2000. He became famous during the Vietnam War as an antiwar protester who worked with the communist North Vietnamese. Hayden later married another antiwar protester who sided with the communists. That would be Jane Fonda.

Republican State Senator Janet Nguyen was respectful during the Senate tribute. She stepped out of the room while Democrats praised Hayden. Two days later, the Vietnamese-born senator went to the Senate floor to speak for the 500,000 Vietnamese-Americans in California.

Senator Nguyen said that Tom Hayden sided with a communist government that enslaved and/or killed millions of Vietnamese including, she said, members of her own family. She praised the military of the United States and South Vietnam for fighting for freedom, for without their bravery she wouldn’t be standing there.

Well, she wasn’t standing there on the California Senate floor for long. Democrats were enraged. Ms. Nguyen was ordered to shut up. And as she kept speaking, orders were given to remove her by force. She was grabbed and bodily thrown out of the Senate.

California Senate Democrats ought to be embarrassed that a proud Vietnamese-American woman cannot speak in praise of our military or tell the real story of her heritage. But Democrats don’t have enough class to be embarrassed or ashamed.  They were too busy praising the communist opponents of the United States.

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