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RUSH: So I’m guessing you missed the big celebrations that were held on Monday in honor of International Polar Bear Day. It was supposed to focus awareness on the plight of the polar bear and the suffering they face, because of you. Because it’s your modern lifestyle that’s supposedly to blame for global warming.  You’re wiping them out!

Well, here’s an inconvenient truth. This year, the polar bear population is up 27 percent from 2005. Despite all those dire predictions that Arctic ice is disappearing due to global warming. And despite a photo supposedly showing a polar bear stranded on melting ice about to drown.

Climate analyst Paul Homewood confirms: “A growing number of observational studies have documented that polar bears are thriving, despite shrinking summer sea ice.” He also confirms that polar bears aren’t starving to death, they aren’t turning into cannibals, and no polar bear population has been wiped out anywhere.

They’ve been reproducing, folks, like crazy. And since there are no Planned Parenthood clinics in the Arctic, the female polar bears are actually giving birth to their babies. So there are a whole lot more of them these days.

Which means, this International Polar Bear Day gives the world something to celebrate. Mother Nature has once again prevailed over junk science. The only thing melting away is the global warming hoax.

The polar bears are chillin’ out. They’re okay. They’re fine and dandy.

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