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RUSH: Bobby in Richmond, Virginia. I’m glad you waited, sir. Welcome to the program.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. I appreciate you taking my call. The question we need to be asking ourselves is: Why are these Republicans accepting the media narrative? And when I ask myself that question, there’s only two things that it could be. One, they have an inability to learn how to beat the Democrats, or they’re progressives that are actively working against what we voted for — and in either case, we have to get rid of them. We have to find true candidates that are not politicians. We need to find people with common sense and critical-thinking skills that can understand how to beat these folks, because what they’re trying to do is ruining this country, and we’ve known it for my entire adult life. I’ll be 50 years old this year, and these people are actively working against what this country was founded for.

RUSH: Name some names here. What Republicans are you referring to?

CALLER: I mean, what in the world is Chaffetz thinking? Do these guys not understand? I mean, McConnell? I don’t… You know, I heard Gingrich on with O’Reilly the other night talking about how McConnell knows more about how the Senate works than he ever will. Well, who cares if he knows how it works? He’s not getting anything done. I mean, we’ve had, what, six times we’ve sent bills to Obama to repeal and replace Obamacare, but we don’t have a bill waiting? That’s absurd, Rush. It’s ridiculous, and it is insulting to me as a person that voted for change, to even try to make me think that it’s true.

RUSH: Jason Chaffetz has a great reputation as a great guy. He’s thought of as a reliable conservative. Why do you think that he is jumping on this train suggesting that Sessions might be wise to recuse himself as the investigation goes forward? Kevin McCarthy is the other. Senator Lindsey Graham has now said that he thinks that… (paraphrased) “He’s my dear friend, too. Jeff’s one of my closest friends, but I really think Jeff needs to get out of there during this investigation, too many potential conflicts.” Why do you think these guys do it? You think it’s they’re either “progressives” or that they’re just don’t know how to fight the Democrats? Which one do you think it is?

CALLER: I think they’re progressives. I do not believe that these guys have a… I don’t think they have our best interests at heart. They have getting elected, they have getting reelected as their primary goal every day when they wake up: “What do you have to do to get reelected?” And until we start holding them accountable at the ballot box, running viable candidates against them… Make them expend some capital. Make them understand that we’re not playing games anymore. They do not want our federal government turned back over to the people. They want the power. They want the influence.

RUSH: Well, okay. I’m sure you have a lot of people who agree with you on that. I’d like to trace this back and try to find things that happen over and over again when you’re looking for explanations. Because if you can find repetition, you’ll probably find an answer. And the one thing that appears to me here is that the Democrats, because they are the media, still establish the narrative for Washington every day. And whatever that narrative is, the Republicans — for some reason (I think it’s force of habit and years and years of conditioning) — still become subservient to whatever that narrative is.

Now, the narrative that we’re talking about here is the Russians hacked the election, interfered with the election and screwed Hillary out of the presidency. That’s what all this is. Now, when did this start? I’ll tell you, red flags went up for me months ago, folks. Months ago when this talk about the Russians interfering in the election started, when I saw Republicans just willingly accept that premise and acknowledge that, “Yeah, yeah, we need to get to the bottom of this,” that’s when the danger flags went up. I’m talking about during the campaign last summer and into last fall.

Because this is a complete concoction of the Democrat Party. It is a complete narrative — daily soap opera script, however you want to refer to it — of the Democrat Party. And, of course, the media is the implementation engine for this. And that got started because of the hack on the John Podesta emails that ended up on WikiLeaks, and then we had an official investigation as to how that happened and some reputable IT people said, “Yeah, well, we got some fingerprints we’ve seen in there from the Russians!”

What they really said was the fingerprints are from two different Russian intelligence agencies who didn’t know that the other had also hacked. And then there’s a hacker by the name of Guccifer that people were trying to track down. But they think that it’s the modern equivalent of the KGB in one instance and another Russian intel group that were trying to hack both the DNC and the RNC computer networks, and that they succeeded in the DNC by getting past their security and their firewalls. But apparently the RNC network was so secure the Russians couldn’t get in.

That’s what we’ve been told. Because, you see, folks, I’m sure it was very embarrassing for Podesta and the Democrats and Hillary — infuriating, too — to have all of those emails out there. They never denied the contents of them. They did their best to ignore ’em and they tried to jump on the press for publishing. The press didn’t focus all that much attention on ’em, not the Drive-By press. It just became an automatic conclusion that the Russians did it. And I guarantee you, if Hillary Clinton had won the presidency, there wouldn’t have been another word said about this. Not a syllable. There wouldn’t be an investigation.

There wouldn’t be anybody pulling their hair out. Obama wouldn’t have left a trail of evidence for investigators. They wouldn’t have cared. Because it’s nothing more than an artifice that has been created by the Democrats and the media, first as a protective measure — a defensive measure — against their own incompetence. It’s their own incompetence that led to Podesta’s emails being discovered. It’s their own incompetence and laziness. These are the people that rig elections! Let us not forget, the Democrat National Committee rigged the primary for Hillary Clinton.

That was discovered as a result.

Some of the Podesta emails proved this, and some of the other things that were found.

The Bernie Sanders campaign is fit to be tied to this day over what happened to them. If you want to talk about any actual tampering or interfering with elections, you have to go right to the Democrat National Committee and Debbie Wasserman Schultz, because that’s where whatever they’re alleging here actually did happen. They made it possible. They engineered it so that Bernie Sanders did not have a prayer of winning the nomination. He was never gonna win it. Never. It was made to look like it was legitimate, that he had a chance and so forth, but the game was rigged, and it was stacked against him from the get-go. And this has been established.

And now all of a sudden that is ignored and instead we’re trying to connect dots on some sort of conversations that have happened that nobody can find any evidence for that have resulted in Hillary losing. And I’m gonna say this, I’m gonna keep saying it until it becomes an automatic reaction to people. The story here is the effort on the part of the Democrat Party and their willing buddies and accomplices in the media to sabotage, to undermine the election of Donald Trump and to sabotage his presidency.

We even had a story today in the U.K. Daily Mail that Valerie Jarrett has moved into Obama and Michelle’s House in the Kalorama section of Washington, DC. She’s moved in, she’s an adult. Presumably she has the money to afford her own crib. But she’s moved in with the Obamas. This is highly abnormal, if you ask me. An adult woman moving in with Barack and Michelle, she’s not family or whatever. This is odd. This is really odd. The oddity, the abnormality, the weirdness is all on the Democrat side, to me. And the U.K. Daily Mail says that the Obama home is the nerve center for this effort to undermine the Trump presidency.

Let me read to you a paragraph from The Politico story today, the one that’s headlined, “With a Single Speech Trump Rattles the 2018 Landscape.” The Democrats figured 2018 would mark the beginning of their comeback. They haven’t the slightest idea what their reality is.

“It’s far too early in his term to speculate about what the 2018 political climate might look like. And one speech can’t paper over a polarizing policy agenda,” supposedly Trump’s. But if a large part of Democrats’ plan for the 2018 midterm elections was to let Trump stumble his way into a pile of Republican losses, his speech to Congress on Tuesday reminded them it would not be that easy. At the same time, it reassured Republicans spooked by recent town hall intensity that the president might not be the flat-out liability he once seemed in the chaotic early days of his presidency.”

Do you realize how much fake news there is in this paragraph? Trump’s agenda is not polarizing. A majority of Americans voted for it. A majority of Americans are clamoring for it. A majority of Americans are asking the Republicans in Congress to get off their hands and implement it! Trump’s agenda is not polarizing except to the establishment and to the Democrats and the media. But it’s not polarizing out in the country.

All of these protests at town halls? Fake, bought and paid for. We know how this happened. “It reassured Republicans spooked by recent town hall intensity the president might not be the flat-out liability –” Trump’s not a liability. Trump’s the president. Trump won. Trump’s supporters are clearly behind him and that speech he gave I’m sure has expanded his base and the intensity of support that he has.

These protests at town hall meetings? Are we really to believe the Republicans were, “Oh, my God, oh, my God, oh, my God, Trump’s killing us, oh, my God.” That’s what they want everybody to believe ’cause that’s the story they want to create, that is the narrative they want you and millions of Americans to accept. It is arrogant, it is condescending and it’s contemptible. What is polarizing in this country is the Democrat Party agenda. What is polarizing and divisive is the Democrat Party agenda and the things they have been trying to do.

If anybody’s out of touch in this country, if there is this big divide and big disconnect, it’s in the Democrat Party and the people of this country. When I read things like the Republicans are worried this and worried that, what I hear is that the Republicans still allow the Democrats to establish the narrative every day in Washington to which everyone responds. And today it’s Sessions needs to recuse, Sessions needs to be charged with perjury, Sessions needs to quit because he lied to Senator Franken about talking to the Russians. Which I guess I better deal with that and help you to try to understand that next, so don’t go away.


RUSH: Now, look at this. The Democrats are now demanding a criminal probe. I told a friend of mine last night, when I first got wind of this Sessions business last night, I said, “You keep a sharp eye because they are going to demand impeachment or perjury. They’re gonna demand a perjury charge against Sessions and go after him on a criminal basis.”

And that’s what they’re talking about. Their probe is more anal than it is criminal, but they’re out there demanding it. And Bret Baier on Fox just pointed the Claire McCaskill tweets and the hypocrisy. She’s tweeting (imitating McCaskill), “I’ve been on the Foreign Relations Committee for a thousand years, and I’ve never talked to a Russian ambassador.” And then we find two tweets of hers bragging about meeting them.

But again, you can point out all this stuff all day long and it’s not gonna change the narrative. What’s the media gonna say, “Oops, okay, so McCaskill’s done all this, too? Okay. Well, I guess we’ll pull back on Sessions.” It ain’t gonna happen that way. That’s not how this stuff is gonna get beaten back. And it has to be beaten back. The Republicans ought to be running that town. The Republicans won the election. Where is the attitude of victory? Where is the glow of victory on the faces of Republicans in that town? I don’t see it yet.

Look, for all of you out there frustrated by this, I just want to tell you, I’m with you. The idea that the Democrats still get to set the narrative in that town. I know they have the media and so forth. There’s no reason we have to play along with it. And now this Adam Schiff guy, he’s a Democrat congressman, he’s the ranking Democrat on the Intelligence Committee. He’s been out there just whining and moaning for the past two weeks on this investigation. And he’s been saying, we don’t have anything.

So there’s a story here in The Politico: “Rep. Schiff Accuses Comey of Withholding Information on Russia Probe.” Poor Comey. Now he’s in the middle of it again. Now the Democrats are accusing him of having investigatory information that he’s not sharing with them. There isn’t any! The New York Times has admitted that none of these Obama surrogates, saboteurs, deep state embeds, whatever you want to call ’em, in three different New York Times stories now, the reference is clear that none of these people have found any evidence.

All it is is nameless sources alleging that it is possible and requires an investigation. But so far there’s no evidence to support allegation. No evidence. And so Schiff is demanding that Comey turn it over. There isn’t any. You know, I’m starting to get suspicious of this word “investigation.” Do you realize what that all now encompasses?

When you hear the word “investigation,” what do you think? You think of a bunch of private eye type guys, detectives and cops, and they’re always on the go, and they’re out there and they’re walking the streets and they’re beating the shoe leather and they’re interviewing people and they’re taking notes and they’re turning things upside down, they’re getting search warrants.

When you think of an investigation, you think of something that has a lot of action to it. Well, the way “investigation” is being used now, it’s basically used to accompany or signify anybody’s curiosity about something. When you say that there’s an investigation going on, it implies that it’s a serious matter and that there are really powerful law enforcement people doing the investigation, and it conveys something far more serious and detailed than may what actually be going on.

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