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RUSH: Okay, so Trump has his State of the Union — well, the quasi-State of the Union. That’s what this event is tonight. That’s what it would be. It’s actually not gonna be called that because it’s his first month in office. It’s a State of the Union kind of a bit out there. But there’s a tradition at these things and what do you bet this tradition does not survive?

You know tradition I’m speaking of? (interruption) No, not that. Not that. The president is introduced, sergeant-at-arms and all these people walk the president down the aisle, and the place, the whole place goes nuts. It’s a standing ovation for minutes. And it’s hooting and hollering and shouting. It’s a show of unity. It’s a show of respect. The president has come up to Capitol Hill to see the peons, everybody’s going nuts and excited. Well, I’m just describing it in a halfhearted way, but they go nuts up there.

And as you point out, in recent years Democrats have gotten there early, people like Maxine Waters and so forth, to be first in line to get a seat on the aisle to be able to be seen shaking the president’s hand or getting his autograph as he’s entering or leaving the House chamber. I remember after one such address by George W. Bush, Russ Feingold, a senator from Wisconsin, who was just ripping Bush to shreds every day, followed him out of the House chamber and begged him to pose for a photo, which Bush did.

And then after the president reaches the speaker’s podium up there and is officially introduced by the Speaker of the House, the place goes nuts again. “Yeah, right on, dude! Welcome, great to have you!” Will that happen tonight or will the Democrats stay seated when Trump enters? Will they make no effort to be welcoming to the president of the United States? What do you think they’re gonna do? I’m just asking, because, folks, these people’s heads are not screwed on. It’s not that they’re screwed on loose. They are not screwed on.

And these people are still consumed with rage and hatred.

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