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RUSH: Before addressing Congress last night, President Trump signed off on his budget outline. Military spending will increase by a whopping 10%. Trump said the military has gotten the shaft in recent years; we need to fix it.

The bumped-up military spending will be offset by dramatic cuts in other federal agencies, except for the VA and law enforcement operations. So, discretionary spending will not go up overall – it’s gonna stay right where it is, around a trillion dollars.

As soon as Senate Minority Leader “Chuck-You” Schumer got this news, he ran to the Democrat Playbook. He said that Trump’s proposals would help the rich, and “take a meat ax” to programs that help the middle class and the poor. Schumer also said Trump would hurt agencies that “protect clean air and water” and “protect consumers” from Wall Street, because nobody was safe, you know, before Obama.

As predictably as the sun rises in the east, “Schumer” will read from the rest of the Democrat Playbook: children will starve, their school lunches will be taken away, Granny will be forced to eat dog food (without a new can opener) and people will have to choose between medicine or rent.

For years, I have asked: Why is it that the federal government is never asked to make do with less? Finally, there’s a good chance some government agencies might actually have to! And this is going to cause a near nuclear explosion. You watch.

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