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RUSH: There’s a story that’s not gonna be getting a whole lot of coverage out there, but we are gonna zero in on it. The audio recording of a local news radio station in Louisiana uncovered/features protests at a town hall with Republican Senator Bill Cassidy on Friday, and in the tape you can hear these activists from Indivisible. That is Obama’s group. This is what Trump is talking about: Indivisible is part of the Organizing for Action group that Obama established to replace Organizing for America, which is the group that he used to rabble-rouse and community-organize while he was president.

Since his departure, the group’s called Organizing for Action. Anyway, there is tape where you can hear these activists from Indivisible laying out their strategy to disrupt the town hall, and to keep Cassidy’s real constituents from being heard or even getting in. It’s everything that you thought if you had any kind of suspicion about all of these protests and all these town halls. That they were not legitimate, that they were not organic, that they were not something that just sprung up out of real, genuine outrage. They are planned, they are orchestrated, they are paid for, and they are organized by elements of the Democrat Party.

Obama. George Soros money, I’m certain, is involved. They also discuss how to play up to the media, and they illustrate that the media’s not very hard her to convince. The media is on their side. The media is only too eager to cooperate, as we know.


RUSH: This is me back (I want say when this is) on January 7th, 2014. Three years ago. Three. Are you ready?

RUSH ARCHIVE: Obama is going to stay in Washington. Can you guess why that might be? He’s gonna stay in town to make sure that whatever he accomplishes is not unwound. I guarantee you, folks, even after he is out of office he’s going to be treated by the media as though he is still president. Every Republican — and this may be the case even with a Democrat president. Whatever the next president does, the media is gonna go to Obama every day. He’s gonna have a satellite administration in exile, in Washington. I guarantee you. Do not doubt. I know these people. I know how he thinks. I know who these people are. I know that’s exactly why he’s gonna stay there.

RUSH: That’s right. He stayed, he said, for the two daughters to finish school at Sidwell Friends, and then they’re gonna go to Palm Springs, which I’m told Michelle Obama doesn’t like much. So who knows? But shortly after Obama left office we found out that Organizing for America, which was his organizing group while in the White House… And let me explain what this group did. This group behaved as though Obama was not in the White House. They were a consortium of ACORN-like groups, and they just raised hell.

They protested Republicans; they made it look like the nation was filled with people angry at anybody who opposed Obama — and that was their purpose. The purpose was to create an illusion that Obama was beloved — massively beloved and appreciated — and any time any Republican spoke out against Obama or disagreed with a policy, this group, Organizing for Action… They recruited, they raised money, they went out and… There weren’t any riots. Well, I take that back. There were riots in Ferguson, there were riots in Baltimore, and this is the kind of thing those people did.

Their purpose was to make it look like the country wasn’t transforming quickly enough. They were not trying to convey anger at Obama. It was very specific. They were conveying anger at the overall culture of America still not moving fast enough. Well, when Obama left office, the group stayed; they just gave it a new name: Organizing for Action instead of Organizing for America. Under that umbrella, there’s a new group called Indivisible — and we mentioned this on a couple of occasions — directly linked to a group consisting of Obama and George Soros.

It’s got fundraising links. But many of the people at these town halls, which is what I thought this previous caller was about. He’s a union organizer, which he misled us about and tried to make us think he’s one of these people out there being paid to show up at town halls. But that’s the kind of thing that Obama’s group is doing now. The one thing I was wrong about when it came to Obama: I thought he’d be on TV. I thought — and he still might be. I mean, if the action on, say, repealing Obamacare…

At some point there’s gonna be some action on that. I don’t know when. Sooner than later, we hope. Right now, it’s just talk, and there’s plenty of Democrat opposition, and the media is carrying a lot of water in opposing Trump. But if it gets close and if it actually is repealed, then I wouldn’t rule out seeing Obama on TV trying to save it. He desperate to save it! This is one of the signature things that he’s known for in his presidency. So I think that that’s what is going on out there. But “what I think,” you know, big whoop.

Here’s Trump today on Fox & Friends, and again it’s Kilmeade: “President Obama, you said you personally get along with him. It turns out that his organization seems to be doing a lot of the organizing at some of these protests that a lot of these Republicans are seeing around the country again.” By the way, folks, have you noticed something, if I may interrupt myself here. (But never fear: I never lose my place.) Have you noticed who’s not doing town halls? I don’t think very many Democrats are at all, and that’s really curious.

Because it’s the Democrats in the Senate… There are 18 Democrat seats that are really vulnerable. Folks, it is possible that if Trump moves his agenda and his base remains with him, and that those states that voted for Trump stay tied to Trump — it’s possible — the Democrats could lose enough seats in 2018 that the Republicans would have 60 seats in the Senate all by themselves. That’s a distinct possibility. That’s how bad it’s looking. Now, I don’t like these long range predictions. A lot of these political scientists are already claiming that that’s gonna happen.

Because they believe politics moves at a snail’s pace and that when you have a major earthquake election like this, that it’s unrealistic to expect another earthquake election in reverse. Like, it’s hard for them to think that in two years the same forces that came together to elect Trump could vanish. But I don’t think that’s impossible. I think that’s entirely possible that could happen. I think it’s totally up to Trump. Trump’s all by himself on this. He’s got no support. Everybody in Washington… Well, I shouldn’t say “everybody.”

The vast majority of Washington is trying to deny Trump his agenda; they’re trying to deny Trump his success. They want him to fail — literally want him to fail — and if they don’t repeal Obamacare… Well, if they don’t repeal Obamacare, that’s not gonna help the Democrats, but that is going to ruin a lot of Republicans who think that they are guaranteed reelects. But back to the point about where we are here. The vulnerability in 2018 is not Republicans. They are, for all intents and purposes, sitting pretty well. The Democrats are not.

The Democrats are in the middle of a massive losing streak and a massive decline. If anybody ought to be out there doing town halls, if anybody ought to be out there trying to shore up their base and turn them out on Election Day 2018, it would be Democrats — and they are nowhere to be found. They are not there. They are not doing hardly any of these town halls, and there’s a reason. Do you know why they are not? (interruption) “They are scared.” Exactly. They’re scared to death of the Bernie Sanders people, number one, but they are scared to death of their own base!

Their own base, if they had a chance to take it out on these Democrats, A, for losing, B, for not stopping Trump already, C, for not impeaching Trump already, D, for not whatever? These Democrats don’t have the guts to go out there and do a town hall. This is studied and purposeful, so that all of this so-called negative protest and rioting action and all those pictures are aimed at Republicans. But if the Democrats showed up and they did one of these in one of these risky areas, they know full well what’d happen. Their base is ticked at them for losing in the first place.

Their base is ticked at them for not getting behind Bernie ’cause they figure if they’d have got behind Bernie, then Trump wouldn’t have won. There’s any number of things. Their base is loose and deranged out there. They’re nowhere near doing public events where the base can get close to ’em. So, anyway, back to Kilmeade. (I know that many of you thought I’d lost my place. But I haven’t, ’cause I never do, and I don’t make notes.) So Kilmeade said, “You get along with Obama, but it turns out his organization seems to be doing a lot of the organizing at some of the protests these Republicans are seeing and these protests against you. Do you believe Obama’s behind it? And if he is, is that a violation of the so-called unstated president’s code?”

THE PRESIDENT: No, I think he is behind it. It also think it’s politics. That’s the way it is. And, look, I have a very different agenda.

KILMEADE: But Bush wasn’t going after Clinton. Clinton wasn’t going after Bush.

THE PRESIDENT: Well, you never know what’s exactly happening behind the scenes. You know, you’re probably right, or possibly right, but you never know. No, I think that President Obama is behind it because his people are certainly behind it. And the some of the leaks possibly come from that group, you know, some of the leaks which are really very serious leaks because they’re very bad in terms of national security. But I also understand that’s politics. And in terms of him being behind things, that’s politics, and it will probably continue.

RUSH: Well, yeah, yeah, I think is this is Trump trying to throw some water on this just to dampen down the flames. ‘Cause while it’s politics, it is a distinct violation, as Kilmeade said, the unstated rules of presidential decorum. But Obama’s not publicly saying anything. He doesn’t have to. But I think Trump’s exactly right. All of these career Obama appointees in the deep state that constitute the effort to sabotage and undermine Trump — and believe me, that story that the Russians helped Trump beat Hillary, that’s it, baby.

And that story keeps getting life breathed into it by Obamaites. In the intel community and at the FBI and any number of places, these places are not like no other organization is. They’re not ideologically one. You got radical leftists and right wingers in every government agency. I mean, humanity is humanity. Law of averages is law of averages. And they’re there. And so I, for one, see Trump say it. That’s another thing. This is the kind of thing even if you believed it, you’re never supposed to say it.

Presidents aren’t supposed to say these kinds of things. These are things that all members of the establishment recognize go on, they’re gonna go on no matter what, and you don’t open the window to it, you don’t let the cat out of the bag, you don’t let sunshine on this. We in the establishment, even when we decide to take one of ourselves out, whoever we destroy understands, just go, don’t fight it, and here’s Trump shining light.

And he wasn’t finished. You know, Pelosi’s out there ranting and raving about impeachment. And I’ll guarantee you that over half of that is just fundraising, because they’ve got some deranged lunatics out there that are still willing to send the Democrats money. So that’s largely what her — but I also don’t doubt that they’ll do it if they think they can. I think they’re keeping files, if you will, of what they think might be potential impeachable offenses. Remember, all they’d have to do is file the charge.

Now, they don’t have the numbers in Congress to pull it off, but can you imagine if Democrat House managers even start breathing the word seriously, the media is gonna be all over it! The media’s gonna eat it up! The media’s gonna be asking Republicans, “Why aren’t you joining the Democrats? Don’t you understand? This is a serious movement to impeach the president. He’s doing great damage to the country.” I can see it all now.

So Trump is asked about this, “Let’s talk about what Nancy Pelosi said yesterday. She said basically Trump’s done nothing. He’s put up Wall Street, he made America sick, and he’s instilled fear in immigrants. Those are his accomplishments. What is your response to her, Mr. President?”

THE PRESIDENT: Well, I’ve been watching Nancy’s statements. I think she’s incompetent, actually. You know, if you look at what’s going on with the Democrats and the party, it’s getting smaller and smaller. You know, in a certain way I hate to see it because I like a two-party system, and we’re soon going to have a one-party system. I actually think a two-party system is healthy and good. But she’s done a terrible job.

KILMEADE: So she’s wrong?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, I don’t think she’s a good spokesman. She’s certainly wrong.

RUSH: Certainly wrong. And we’re headed to a one party America, the Trump party. That’s what he thinks.


RUSH:  Up next on the phones is Jason in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Welcome to the EIB Network.  Hello.

CALLER:  Hello Rush.  It’s an honor.

RUSH:  Thank you, sir.
CALLER:  Appreciate it.  Do you remember after the election, before the inauguration, Obama would say things like, it’s a lot harder to govern when you’re in this position, you know, unraveling Obamacare is gonna be way harder than you think, and those sort of things.

RUSH:  Yeah.

CALLER:  I think that once Trump was elected, he’s like, “Oh, my gosh, this guy’s really gonna do all the things he said he’s gonna do, and I’m gonna be left with nothing.”  And so I think that maybe it was his intention, like you said in call that he would be on TV ’cause he loves himself and he’s a narcissist, but he realized that to really, really impact and salvage his legacy that he had to go back to doing what he does best, and that’s organize and gather the troops with the people that he still has in place, to really, really, really try to really salvage —

RUSH:  Yeah.  I think that probably has always been the plan.  I probably was wrong about it simply because I saw how Obama was effectively using media on television while president.  But of course all presidents are on TV all the time.  And I was basically commenting on the narcissism and the hyper-possessiveness that Obama has about his agenda and not allowing anything to happen to it.

But I think you raise a good point.  I think — and, folks, this is part of — I addressed it earlier, in fact, traditional politics doesn’t attach any weight to campaign promises.  Those are the things you have to do to get elected.  But nobody really does it.  No winning candidate really does it.  Maybe a couple of obscure things over here to be able to establish the linkage from making a promise to carrying out action, but nobody does what Trump’s doing here, and nobody does what Reagan did.

When Reagan was elected he had three campaign planks:  rebuild the military, defeat the Soviets, and reform taxes.  They never thought Reagan was serious about the Soviet stuff and taxes.  And when Reagan starts in on it, they weren’t prepared.  And I don’t think they had the slight idea.  You see, these are people that project. They project themselves on everybody else that does what they do.

So establishment types, elected officials, they run for office, they get elected, they govern the way they govern.  They see Trump, they project on Trump exactly the way they would do it.  Making all these promises, maybe consistently, but never really gonna do it.  Repeal Obamacare.  He’s not gonna do that.  In Washington nobody wants to do that.  Or wanted to.  Then Trump shows up, and, lo and behold, they are all off balance on day one because they realize he’s gonna do exactly what he said, and he’s not gonna stop ’til he gets it done.

So they’re off balance, and I think even Obama was a little bit.  But you’re right in the sense that he probably was never gonna resort to TV.  It was always gonna be the behind-the-scenes community organizing with no fingerprints to make it look like all of his opposition to Trump is organic and natural and made up of people that had no idea who they were really voting for, and now they figured it out and they totally don’t support any of this.  This is the mission of the Obama protest groups, to make it look like even Trump voters feel like they got tricked.  I appreciate the call, Jason.  Thanks much.

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