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RUSH: Have you heard about what they did at Bucknell University? Ho! Did you know that last Sunday was Eating Disorder Awareness Day? Well, I didn’t, either, until I read at Breitbart: “Mirrors in Bucknell’s Swartz Hall were covered on Sunday evening in an effort to promote ‘body positivity’ and ‘self-love.’ The construction paper was draped over the mirrors to bring attention to Eating Disorder Awareness Day, which took place on Monday.”

(interruption) No, they left the buffet open and all the food lines were open. It’s just they covered all the mirrors so that you couldn’t see how bad you looked, so that you would not “body shame” yourself, so that you would end up having body positivity and self-love. “The coverage of the restroom mirrors was done in part to draw attention to ‘Self-Love Week,’ an initiative program taking place this week at Bucknell. One of the events being advertised on the mirror of the men’s restroom is entitled ‘Words Your Body Needs to Hear,’ and will be taking place in the Swartz Hall lobby on Tuesday.”

They called it “Mirrorless Monday” so that no matter where you went Swartz Hall at Bucknell University, you could not see how fat you were, how thin you were, how ugly you were — and in so doing, you could have “body positivity.” (interruption) You what? (interruption) What about body shaming? Well… (interruption) No, no. (sigh) Not… (interruption) No, no, no. If you’re ashamed of something, you can’t change it because somebody’s made you a victim of it. It’s somebody else’s fault.

If you’ve got body shaming issues, it’s because something about American culture has turned you into a person ashamed of yourself, like using nothing but No. 10 models on TV and great looking people. It’s the media’s fault, or it’s the culture’s fault, or it’s Republicans fault, or it’s Trump’s fault. If you have a lousy body and are embarrassed by it, you’re a victim. We talked about this at great length yesterday. Nothing’s ever the victim’s fault. It’s always the fault of some part of America.

So you’re thinking they should leave the mirrors wide open so people could be properly shamed by their bodies and then take corrective action? (interruption) No. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. You are out of touch with liberalism lately. Obviously, Mr. Snerdley, I’m needed more than ever if that’s your reaction to this. (interruption) No, no, no, no, no, no. You are not supposed to be confronted about what’s wrong with you because it isn’t your fault. You have been made a victim of powerful forces that saw to it that Trump won, that the Falcons lost, and that the screwup at the Academy Awards took place or whatever.

No, it’s a new era out there.

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