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RUSH: Did you see this? There’s a Morning Consult poll. Half of the Saturday Night Live audience says in this poll they’re getting sick of the Trump stuff. Did you see that? Morning Consult. I’m telling you, folks, I’m just telling you.

Here’s David in Bell, Wisconsin, great to have you on the EIB Network. How are you doing?

CALLER: Good. How are you, Rush?

RUSH: Fine and dandy. Thank you.

CALLER: Hey, I’ve been trying to get in contact with you for awhile because over the past few months I’ve been listening to you ask your viewers if all these protests are starting to discourage them, and I just wanted to call because I think I have a unique perspective on that. So I’m actually a first responder — I won’t go any more specific than that — in Madison, Wisconsin. So in 2010 I’m sure you covered this but I wasn’t listening back then, our Republican governor, Governor Walker, passed a bill that severely limited the unions right to collective bargain.

RUSH: Oh, yeah, we were all over it.

CALLER: I imagine you were. But I haven’t heard this side of it since I’ve been seeing a lot of similarities between what’s going on with Trump now. Massive protests across the entire state, being I worked in Madison, I’m a first responder, I saw it firsthand. And during the time I thought, man, he’s gonna get booted. There’s no way, all these protests, there’s no way all these people are so mad at him that there’s no way he’s gonna win this recall election.

RUSH: He won three elections in the midst. Yeah, we covered all this, and I’ll tell you I’m only cutting you off here ’cause I’m out of time. I’ve got 20 seconds and I want to assure you here that we were all over this. In fact, in the early days of the Republican primary, I was pointing to Governor Walker as the one guy who was demonstrating he knew how to fight back against the radical left and win! And he’s tough, and he didn’t shrink from it. We were all over it here, David. I’m glad you found the program. But let this be a lesson. If you know it happened, then you can trust it’s been discussed here on this program and in the right way.


RUSH: There was so much fake news in Wisconsin, that Scott Walker stuff, they had fake polls. The protests in Madison, which is where the University of Wisconsin is, perfect examples of the use of fake news, trying to make Walker — really they tried to dispirit Walker’s supporters. They were trying to scare them and frighten them into staying home and what would happen if Walker won that the state would descend, and nobody was safe. And it backfired on ’em.

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