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RUSH: Last Thursday there was a national protest to show Americans how difficult life would be with no immigrants around. “A Day Without Immigrants” was organized in response to the latest raids of illegal immigrants with criminal records.

This week, CNN has a story about business owners defending their decision to fire workers who went to the protest instead of showing up to work. As if the bosses had done something wrong.

When employees at a Colorado masonry company told the owner they planned to skip work and protest, he warned them what would happen. He told them, “If you’re going to stand up for what you believe in, you have to be willing to pay the price.” They protested anyway and he fired them: thirty brick layers and a foreman. He called the protest a slap in the face because he supports immigrant labor. But nobody, he said, is going to dictate to him how is company is run.

Other business owners got no advance word that workers would protest. They didn’t call in. They just didn’t show up. They, too, were fired. And some of them had the nerve to complain to CNN that “it wasn’t fair, it wasn’t fair!”

So, it turns out that for some protesters, “A Day Without Immigrants” resulted in many days with no work, no income, and no sympathy. Another liberal bright idea backfiring once again, blowing up right in their liberal faces.

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