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RUSH: Livermore, California. This is Ray. You’re next. Great to have you, Ray. How are you doing?

CALLER: Mega liberals-running-around-with-their-hair-on-fire dittos, Rush. Can you hear me?

iPhone 4

RUSH: Yeah, I heard you. I heard a click in there, too, but I patiently hung in because I have experience with faulty phone lines.

CALLER: I’m calling on a dinosaur iPhone 4, I’m sorry to report. Hey, even if Trump gets nothing done during this first term, just watching the left run around bat crazy is worth the price of admission, Rush, it really is.

RUSH: Partly, yeah. The problem is that these people — I know they’re funny. I mean, when they’re out of power they’re really funny. But they’re really, really desperate, unlike anything in the 30 years of my empowerment here. And so they’re desperate. This is momentous. This is the one shot we’ve got to restore this country to the founding ideals.

The left wants to transform this country away from those, and this is it. And they know it. And they’re doing everything they can to stop it and to shut it down, and they’ve got the media helping them and so forth, but you’re right. I think one of the ways of exposing ’em is to ridicule ’em. I mean, laughter is the simplest way to humiliate somebody. Laugh at them, it shrinks them. So I think you have a point there.

CALLER: Well, and you’re the best at it, Rush. The way that your show is put together, it helps us all laugh at them and not take it seriously. I was watching those media roundup shows, Fox has one with Howie Kurtz and then there’s one on CNN, and it’s amazing what they see as opposed to what we see or what you see.

RUSH: Hold your thought there. I gotta take a break. Hold your thought on your iPhone 4. It’s amazing. They all see the same thing, too.


RUSH: Here we are back to Ray in Livermore, California. You wanted to finish your point on these media navel-gazing shows that you’re watching. What was your point about ’em?

CALLER: Well, that they’re completely out of touch, Rush. I actually called about Milo and the destruction of Milo. We’re being lied to. You know, the Republicans have been told over and over they have to moderate their message to be seen positively by The Sacred Moderate. We’ve got to make sure that we don’t upset The Sacred Moderate. And now I think that’s been replaced with The Sacred Millennial. And Milo, the left wants to make him the face of the Republican Party as he’s being destroyed. The Republicans have turned their backs on him at CPAC and now the left sees blood in the water and they want to say —

RUSH: Well, wait, now. Hold your thought there. Just a second. And, by the way, I like iPhone 4 because I can actually talk to you on it.

CALLER: (chuckling)

RUSH: You can actually hear me when you’re talking. Most callers cannot hear me when they’re talking, but your iPhone 4 is working just fine in that regard.

CALLER: Very good.

RUSH: So, at any rate… Look, you’re right, except the Democrats did not schedule Milo for CPAC. CPAC did. So when you say, “The Democrats want to position Milo as the face of the conservative movement,” well, they had a little help if they’ve been they’re trying to do. I’m sorry, folks. I’m not being critical here, but that’s what happens. CPAC has since canceled the appearance, but look… I don’t know. I’m just… I’m getting into tiptoe territory again here in trying to explain what’s really going on here. I’ve gotta be very, very gentle. I’ll let you finish your thought but I just wanted to interrupt there. That’s me being Chris Wallace with you.

CALLER: (chuckling) Very good. You’re correct, the Republicans did invite him and then they disinvited him, and, see, now the left can jump on that as it’s blood on the water, you know, that they can take that and run with it and show that Republicans don’t represent the Millennial —

RUSH: Now, there I think you’re on to something. I do think that the left is trying to impugn and besmirch conservatives in the eyes of Millennials. There’s no question about that.

CALLER: They are grasping at straws, when you look at the different things that they’re jumping on and trying to make an issue out. Rush, there’s a great scene in the movie Mars Attacks when the president is —

RUSH: (laughing) Wait a minute. Mars Attacks? You mean these little guys running around in glass helmets and Jack Nicholson’s the president?

CALLER: Yes. Yes.

RUSH: (laughing)

CALLER: And they convinced the president he needs to use atomic weapons against the Martian ship that is just above the earth, in outer space. Now I look at the president as the media; you look at the general as the establishment; and the Martian is Trump.

RUSH: (laughing)

CALLER: And when they send this atomic bomb up to kill the Martian — who is Trump — he sends out this little, tiny spaceship, and it completely absorbs the shock of the atomic weapon, and then the little spaceship comes back and it docks, and all of the Martians use it like it’s some sort of Millennial smoking device like a vape device and they all take a big hit off of it, and they laugh. And I think that’s what Trump is doing to the American media. They’re exploding atomic bombs around him and he’s just absorbing it. He’s just inhaling it and then blowing out a little bit of water vapor, and this Milo thing is just an extension of that. They think they’re gonna take this and blow up the Republican Party with and say, “See, see, see?” And it’s just it is not working with this guy.

RUSH: You know what the best evidence of this is? I think this… Your analogy notwithstanding, I think it’s actually a very, very shrewd observation of yours. If you go back to June 15th of 2015 when the Trumpster descended the escalators and made his announcement, what was the reaction? They laughed themselves silly. They said, “The guy’s not even serious! He doesn’t have a prayer now after what he said about Mexicans and immigration,” and they thought that he wouldn’t be in it for two weeks, that people would reject him. And they could not believe when Trump was number one in the polls inside of three weeks of his announcement.

And then they kept waiting for Trump to implode. They thought, “This has to happen,” because the formula is no politician can survive any of what Trump was doing without losing. I mean, the media doesn’t need to do anything. Nobody needs to do anything. Trump’s gonna implode. He kept growing, he kept getting stronger, he kept growing his support. So then they said, “You know what? He’s not gonna implode!” Then she started trying to destroy him. They threw everything they had. They threw the Access Hollywood video. They threw everything.

They threw Russians, they threw Putin, they threw everything. And he ends up being elected, defying everyone! They haven’t been able to take him out, and yet what do they continue to do? Everything that has failed. It almost is as though they are the Keystone Cops. They continue to try expanded and more intense versions of things they’ve already failed at doing in the effort to take Trump out. No this changes a little bit once he becomes president and the focus of the attacks changes. The big deal difference in being a candidate and the actual president ’cause now, you know, candidates don’t have any power; a president does.

But still, the argument holds. Nothing they’re doing is working. This is my point. The media can’t take him out because they didn’t make him. And this is why they’re having conniptions over that statement of mine. They still are. And they’re admitting by virtue of having the conniptions that they’re trying to take him out. Why else be mad about it? “Well, we’re not trying to take him out.” Well, what the hell else are you trying to do, then? The point is they haven’t figured out it out, and your point about Trump… What do you think Trump’s state of mind is in all this, Ray?

CALLER: I think he’s… Like you, Rush, I think he’s enjoying it. He’s basking in it, okay? Just like the Martians inhaled the atomic blast, he’s inhaling it and blowing out water vapor. He’s loving it. And what you said earlier, Rush, is spot on. I was a Cruz guy, and I don’t think Cruz would… I love Cruz, and he’s a tough guy, but I don’t think he would be holding up as good as Trump. Kasich would have been blown over like a wet cardboard box in the rain. Jeb? They would have gave him a little grace period, but they would have gone after him just as tough as they’re going after Trump. No Republican would be able to survive what’s happening right now except this guy. It’s an amazing thing to watch. It really is.

RUSH: That’s another shrewd observation, and that fact is irritating all of the critics and those trying to destroy him even more. Now, Trump’s state of mind, I will tell you what I think it is. Let me first tell you what I think the left and the media hope it is. They hope Trump is doing a Nixon in the White House. They wish he’s in the corner with an adult beverage at night talking to himself because of all the misery and all the hatred. They think he desperately wants to be loved and he’s figuring out that he’s hated.

This is not what he wanted, and he’s getting dangerously, mentally unbalanced.

That’s what they think Trump’s state of mind is it, and that’s what they hope to create in his state of mind, with these never ending, incessant attacks. But that is so far from the truth. You say Trump is reveling in it and enjoying it. I think Trump was fully aware that this was going to happen. What they don’t get about Trump is that he ran for specific, committed purposes — and now that he’s won, he’s doing them. He’s going about implementing them. Now, all of the caterwauling about, “Where’s the tax cuts and where’s the Obamacare repeal?” It’s coming. He’s not… I don’t think Trump has been taken off his track. I don’t think he’s been distracted.

I think there’s a learning curve here. Nobody can actually know what this job’s gonna be ’til you get in it and start doing it, and I don’t know that he was readily prepared for having an entire embedded bureaucracy trying to undermine him. But he’s gonna be able to deal with it because he’s faced these kinds of things in his life before. And I think that he is so committed to what he thinks will make this country great, so committed to the things he believes will reverse the fortunes of this country, no way is he going to be rendered depressed and despondent and give up the agenda. He’s tougher than that. He’s certainly more committed than that.

And I just don’t think, as I have maintained from the get-go, that the Washington establishment still knows who they’re dealing with, because they continue to treat him as though he’s your average, ordinary, everyday elected Republican politician. There is a blueprint for taking those people out, and it’s always worked.

CALLER: Hey, Rush.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: I called your show years ago and you were taking a lot of heat from the media, and I think Trump may have even heard this message that I told you. An old bomber pilot instructed me a long time ago: If you’re taking a lot of flak, it usually means you’re above the target. Open the bomb bay doors. And that’s exactly what Trump is doing.

RUSH: (laughing) When you’re over the target, drop — Here’s another one. I love this. When you think you’re going through hell, keep going. The only way out, keep going. If you’re going through hell you’ve got to keep going. You can’t stop or that’s where you’re gonna end up. Anyway, I appreciate the call out there, Ray, I really do.

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Ray, you made a big deal here about having an antiquated, worthless iPhone 4. Do you want a replacement? I don’t have very many left, you know, I’ve given away over 130 of these, but I think I’ve got some back there. I know I’ve got plenty of iPhone 7s, but you probably want an iPhone 7 Plus, I’m guessing?

CALLER: Rush, you are generous and gracious, and this is part of what makes you the best guy on radio. I’m telling you, Rush. You really are the best guy on radio.

RUSH: See how easy it is when you’re Santa Claus, folks? Everybody loves you. That’s how the Democrats do it.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: No, no, no, that’s how the Democrats do it.

CALLER: If you got a 7S, Rush, I would wonderfully take it. And an autograph on the way out, that would be even better.

RUSH: Wait a minute. The 7S hasn’t come out yet. The 7S will come out with the 8 in September.

CALLER: That would be the big screen one. You got the regular screen and the big screen, right?

RUSH: Yeah. Yeah, so you want the 7 Plus. So what is your carrier?


RUSH: AT&T. Okay. I’m not even gonna ask you color choice because I can’t sit here and tell you for sure that I’ve got your color choice. But I think I’ve got a jet black back there and maybe either a gold or a silver in a 7 Plus and that’s probably gonna be a world phone unlocked. It may, when you open it, may have a Verizon SIM card in it, but it doesn’t matter. It’s unlocked. Your iPhone 4 SIM card will not fit so what you’re gonna have to do is this. You have to take your current phone and this new phone and the box to AT&T and tell ’em the new phone’s a gift and you want to move your number from the 4 to the 7 Plus, ’cause you can’t swap SIMs. And you tell them that the phone is unlocked and will work on any carrier in the world. And if you have to, tell ’em I said so. You run a risk of doing that.

CALLER: (laughing).

RUSH: But, anyway, hang on ’til we get your address and you’ll have it tomorrow. Do you know how to get the data that’s on your iPhone 4 onto a new phone? Do you know how to do that?

CALLER: Yes, sir. Yes, I do.

RUSH: All right. You do that with iTunes. You know, you do an encrypted backup of your current phone on iTunes, and you get your new phone, get the new number put on, take the new phone, connect it to iTunes, restore from that backup, and you are up and running.


So the Drive-Bys, folks, and the people in the deep state, the Obama shadow government types that are trying to undermine Trump, I think they probably figure they can’t take him down by insulting him. They can’t turn him into a quivering mass of paranoia like Nixon. So what they’ve turned to now is he’s mentally unstable. He’s perhaps in the early stages of dementia.

The New Republic actually had a story, I mentioned this yesterday. The New Republic has a story Trump is exhibiting signs of people who have had syphilis in their formative years. Yes. Now, the shrink says, “Admittedly I can’t say for sure, I’ve not diagnosed Trump, but I’m looking at all the outward telltale signs, and it sure does appear to me.” And of course now they can try to replace him as mentally unstable or sick or what have around the 25th Amendment. They’re thinking about it. I’ll get to all that in the monolog of the next hour.

Ivanka Trump’s perfume. Have you seen this? You know that Nordstrom canceled Ivanka’s product line because — I know what happened. I know what happened. Political pressure. And Kellyanne Conway got in some trouble ’cause she went out there and is accused of doing a commercial for Ivanka stuff with the White House logo in the background. It’s not cool. Government people are not supposed to endorse products and so forth.

Well, it turns out that Ivanka Trump Eau de Parfum Spray For Women, 34 bucks for three-and-a-half ounces, is number one on Amazon’s list of best-selling fragrances and perfume for the sixth consecutive day. One reviewer said: “I normally buy this stuff at Nordstrom, but now that I heard they won’t carry it, I was happy to find it on Amazon.”

This is what the guy was talking about, Mars Attacks. They keep attacking, and they keep attacking. Trump just absorbs it and everything they do backfires. In Mars Attacks I remember Jack Nicholson being advised by somebody, “Make peace with these little people. Make peace.” So they arranged a meeting with the Martian leader, who comes in and just murders everybody after an impassioned speech about how we’re all the same. The Martians look at each other like this guy’s nuts and they zap him. It’s one of my all-time favorite movies.

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