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RUSH: President Trump now speaking in South Carolina just north of Charleston at the Boeing plant. He’s standing right in front of a brand-new Boeing 787 Dreamliner. And what’s memorable about this, Boeing voted this week not to unionize. It was a huge blow to many of the organized labor unions all across the fruited plain.

I don’t know that Trump’s visit is coincidental with that or is because of that. May be coincidental. But Boeing is one of the companies that has agreed to cut the price on the next round of Air Force One aircraft and to do what they can about building plants in the United States and creating American jobs and the vote not to unionize was clearly part of that.

The president’s on his way down here for the weekend. He’ll be back here in south Florida for the weekend and he’s stopping in South Carolina on his way here, and I think he’s probably gonna be here through Monday, since it’s Presidents’ Day. Leaving at 11:30 Monday night or 11:30 Sunday night or Monday morning, I’m not sure which, I saw the itinerary and I can’t remember specifics.


RUSH: I just know Trump wants one of those 787s. He probably went in there and said, “Can I fly home in this thing?” (laughing)

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