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RUSH: The reaction to President Trump’s press conference yesterday. It really is hilarious. The Drive-Bys are still having kittens over the way Trump called ’em out for their fake news, and yet they continue to publish fake news articles today. The big one… Ready for this? The AP reported that Trump is on the verge of calling 100,000 National Guard troops to start rounding up illegal aliens and throwing them out of the country. I saw the story when I got in here today.

It was headlined above the fold at Drudge, so I clicked on it and I read it, and I thought, “This doesn’t make any sense.” I mean, it didn’t compute. And, lo and behold, it’s made up. What it was… According to the White House, Trump hasn’t even seen it. It’s part of the sausage making that goes on in every governmental department, like the Pentagon has all kinds of operational plans for various circumstances that may happen in the future. And you have these battle plans ready to go, and they’re constantly revised.

Commanders are asking their underlings to come up with various plans, and memos are flying back and forth, and 99.9% of them never become policy and they’re never acted upon. It’s just part of the way bureaucracies operate. The White House does the same thing. Apparently this was a low-level memo that had been asked for by somebody in some department to deal with what might be a big emergency down the road some. It was never seriously considered to be anything. You know, it’s like that story that the Wall Street Journal ran yesterday morning with their big news alert on Wednesday night.

And that is that the intelligence community has decided to withhold information from President Trump because, A, they’re not confident he won’t share it with his friends, the Russians. And, B, he’s so incompetent and dangerous, we can’t trust the nation’s secrets to the commander-in-chief. And that was the essence of the story. And they ran with it, and then they ran with it on Thursday after the alert on Wednesday night. And we later found out that there was literally nothing to this. And we’ve had the director of the Office of National Intelligence deny it.

Mike Pompeo, the new director CIA has denied it. It didn’t happen. There’s no way. Intelligence agents would not do something like this, we’re being assured. What the truth was… I mean, it’s incredible, and this is a great illustration of how fake news is operating today. It turns out that intelligence people and agencies and operatives are constantly feeding intel to their various department heads. You’ve got agents in the field; then you have analysts in the office. And they’re making reports, producing reports on what’s coming in.

And not nearly all of it ever gets presented to the president. Very little of it ends up in a presidential daily brief. So since you have the root of the story, there’s intel not given to the president, somebody called the Wall Street Journal and said, “You know what? We’re not sharing intel with the president.” Well, yeah, 99.9% of it is never shared. There’s no news here. What there was, was a brand-new narrative created that was totally fake that took a grain of truth and expanded it to a total falsehood and fakery to make it look like something new was happening with intelligence in this country when nothing new is happening.

And this kind of thing continues today. This National Guard story is almost exactly the same kind of story with the same routing as that Wall Street Journal story on the fact that Trump is so dangerous. And, by the way, this idea that (snorts) the Trump people were working with the Russians to sabotage Hillary? That is not gonna go away. There are even more news reports today suggesting that there’s literally no evidence. In fact, CNN…

I’m gonna get to this in more detail when the program unfolds.

CNN, of all places, has a report that after all of this, the FBI does not believe that Flynn lied to them about anything regarding the phone call that he had with the Russian ambassador. In other words, there’s no “there” there. In other words, nothing. They can’t find any evidence that there was any collusion at all. There’s no evidence the Russians tampered with the votes. None. Zilch, zero, nada. There aren’t even any serious allegations about that. There are no serious allegations and there is no evidence the Russians had anything to do with the actual voting process in this country.

Zilch, zero, nada.

There is no evidence that Trump colluded with the Russians on their efforts to expose what was going on in Podesta’s email and the Democrat National Committee computer network. They can’t find any evidence, and yet the narrative of that story continues to be what is driving the media and the Democrat Party’s efforts to get rid of Donald Trump, that the Russians hacked the election, that the Russians impacted the outcome of the election, that Trump was in contact with the Russians during the campaign.

“But that there’s no evidence doesn’t mean,” they say, “that there’s still not something there.” All of this fakery continues to drive all of these other fake narratives, and that’s why a bunch of journalists stood up yesterday (sniveling), “Can you promise that you had no contact with Russian officials during the election?” “None. I don’t know nobody.” “During the election! I mean during the election! Can you promise? Can you?” The story’s been asked and answered for months. They continue to ask about it.

What they’re hoping for now is that somebody makes a mistake, says something different what they said previously, which would then constitute deception or a lie and that they can then zero in on them. So there is no plan to deploy a hundred thousand National Guard troops somewhere throughout America to find illegal aliens and throw them over the wall, throw them over the fence. There is no such operation. My guess is the genie’s out of the bottle on that. You never know how many people saw the original story and still think that it is operative?

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